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Prevalent Security Control Mechanisms To Protect Files – And What Needs To Be Done To Truly Fight Data Leakage

Information Security Buzz | Makoto Mizuyama | May 30, 2017

“In today’s cyber world, it is much easier for files containing sensitive, regulated or confidential data to be accidentally exposed or purposefully exfiltrated. There are a lot more ways for authorized personnel to use and share files, for network share resources to be unintentionally exposed, for files to be readily emailed, and for hackers and malware to potentially obtain files. These factors have culminated to create a new data leakage frontier.

No matter the industry, file security data leakage risks are becoming all too prevalent. The last two years brought an onslaught of successful phishing attacks targeting W-2 documents with employees’ tax and identity information from dozens of major, household-name organizations across industries. Companies must be conscious of important documents like these circulating internally and externally.”


New IT products: Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Cloud Spanner, NG Firewall

Spiceworks | Aaron Winston| May 24, 2017

“The security firm FinalCode has launched FinalCode Express Edition, a new product the company claims will “significantly lower the hurdle for enterprises to implement basic file security.” Priced at $10 per user per month, FinalCode Express Edition is a skinnier version of FinalCode v5, which “lets file owners track files shared beyond corporate borders, block unauthorized access, get immediate alerts for file accesses involving blocked attempts and delete files wherever they are.” The new addition to FinalCode’s product portfolio allows organizations to pick and choose what features they want via a subscription package. Such features include network folder security, remote file deletion and email notification for unauthorized access, allows users to “specify who views the files and for how long, restrict file actions (save, copy/paste, print, etc.), track activity throughout the file lifecycle, and even remotely delete the file when an unauthorized user attempts to access it.”


New products of the week 5.15.17

NetworkWorld | Ryan Francis| May 15, 2017

“FinalCode Express Edition: Key featuers – New version that lowers the hurdle for enterprises to implement basic file security, while offering flexibility to configure advanced feature add-ons. Highlights include network folder security, remote file deletion/email notification. More info.”


ICYMI: Our Channel News Roundup for the Week of May 8th

ChannelProNetwork | Rich Freeman| May 15,2017

“FinalCode launched a new entry-level edition of its file encryption solution that sells for as little as $10 per user per month, as well as a new version of the system for Apple Macs.”


New infosec products of the week : May 12, 2017

HelpNetSecurity | Mirko Zorz| May 12, 2017

“FinalCode Express Edition released: FinalCode Express Edition lowers the hurdle for enterprises to implement basic file security – while offering the flexibility to configure advanced feature add-ons, depending on the organization’s specific needs. The FinalCode Express Edition provides basic file protection functionalities for as low as $10 per user per month.”


Daily Newsletter 5.9.2017

Staff |Cyberwire | May 9, 2017

“FinalCode Announces Global Launch of FinalCode Express Edition (FinalCode) File encryption package offers persistent protection anywhere files go, now starting as low as $10 per month.

FinalCode Launches Client for Mac Worldwide: FinalCode persistent file security now available for both Windows and Mac users to prevent file data loss (FinalCode) FinalCode, Inc., a leading provider of information security software, today announced the immediate global availability of FinalCodeR for Mac. Now FinalCode, a persistent, file-centric information rights management (IRM) solution that protects files wherever they go, inside and outside of the organization, is available for both Windows and Mac users.”


Hot products at RSA 2017

Network World | Tim Greene | February 14, 2017

“The newest release of this persistent, file-centric IRM solution includes a secure file preview capability in Box, enhanced support for EMC storage and macro-enabled Office files and screen watermarking.”


Survey Roundup: Crystal Ball Predictions for Compliance for 2017

The Wall Street Journal | Ben DiPietro | December 2016

“Makoto Mizuyama, a director at file security firm FinalCode, outlines some cybersecurity trends to pay attention to in 2017, including the risks from fake news and misinformation and the growing and evolving threat posed by company insiders.”


Cybersecurity trends for 2017: It’s all about the data

Tech Writers Bureau | Max Mizuyama | December 2016

“The cyberthreat landscape is complex and constantly evolving, and we saw a constant stream of breaches in 2016 ranging from the embarrassing (exposure of email addresses on a fetish website) to the ominous (IoT-based distributed denial of service attacks) to the manipulative (Russian hacking during the presidential campaign). The year’s bad news was capped in December with the announcement that one billion Yahoo accounts have been compromised. But regardless of the threat or the attacker, at the end of the day your data must be secured. With the growth of cloud and mobile computing and the disappearance of the enterprise perimeter, your data is being exposed to a rapidly growing attack surface. The opportunities for data exfiltration by attackers or accidental exposure also are growing along with it. As data becomes more mobile, organizations must separate file security from their storage, transport and collaboration platforms to provide persistent security controls for all users, internal and external.”


FinalCode 5.11 Review: How to Protect Your Integrity and Confidentiality Through Powerful Encryption

Hakin 9 | Tom Updegrove | December 2016

“FinalCode’s persistent file security solution is designed to enable businesses to easily protect shared sensitive files wherever they go within and outside their organization. If you ever thought about finding a platform that will secure your data, this review is a must read for you. Together with Tom you will learn the most important aspects of FinalCode and how this system will protect your files. You will read about its advantages and disadvantages, and find out whether it might be the right fit for you.”


DNA Connect signs double vendor deal

ARN | Holly Morgan| November 2016

“DNA Connect has added FinalCode’s persistent file security offerings to its lineup, after being appointed the vendor’s Australian distributor… The vendor says its FinalCode for Box ensures persisent file access, usage control and deletion of files that are outside the secure Box container in a way that is seamless to Box collaborators… Frank Courtney-Jay, FinalCode Asia-Pacific chief executive, says DNA Connect’s channel development model fits well with the vendor’s regional go-to-market strategy.”


DNA Connect brings FinalCode persistent file security to Aussie market

Channel Life Australia | Heather Wright | October 2016

“DNA Connect has added FinalCode’s persistent file security offerings to its lineup, after being appointed the vendor’s Australian distributor… The vendor says its FinalCode for Box ensures persisent file access, usage control and deletion of files that are outside the secure Box container in a way that is seamless to Box collaborators… Frank Courtney-Jay, FinalCode Asia-Pacific chief executive, says DNA Connect’s channel development model fits well with the vendor’s regional go-to-market strategy.”



Sydney distributor to launch FinalCode in Australia

CRN | Amira Sarraf | October 2016

“Sydney-headquartered DNA Connect has been appointed file security platform vendor FinalCode’s first distributor in Australia. DNA connect will be responsible for launching and supporting FinalCode in Australia… FinalCode provides secure collaboration and file sharing across a number of applications. The platform also enables integration with a company’s existing infrastructure and is equipped with AES 256 encryption and FIPS certification alongside usage control, auditing and remote deletion capabilities, according to the company.”


IT services mergers: Pace accelerates as partners look to scale

Search IT Channel | John Moore and Spencer Smith | October 2016

“FinalCode Inc., a file security platform vendor, has tapped DNA Connect as its distributor for Australia. The move follows the opening of FinalCode’s regional office in Singapore earlier this year and the appointment of Pacific Tech Pte Ltd. as its distributor for Southeast Asia.”



100 People You Don’t Know But Should 2016 (Part 1)

CRN | Staff | October 2016

“John Grillos, FinalCode… A National Football Foundation Hall of Fame Athlete Scholar of the Year, Grillos is a 25-year industry veteran who is now running channel plays for one of the hottest security companies. He has an impressive track record driving sales growth at EMC-Documentum, IBM and Quark Software.”


DRM 2.0

ComputerWeekly | Bob Tarzey | October 2016

“FinalCode just announced 5.11 (September 2016) of its product… FinalCode enables file owners to give specific viewers of files offline access, but does not recommend this as real-time policy changes and audit logs will be disabled. Quocirca first wrote about FinalCode in January 2016, where it was pointed out how advanced DRM products come closer to the need to implement a compliance oriented architecture than ever before.”



Security Startup FinalCode Tackles The Big File Sharing Problem With Help From Channel

CRN | Sarah Kuranda | September 2016

“San Jose, Calif.-based security startup FinalCode continues to invest in its young channel program, focusing on security resellers and enterprise content management resellers… Through FinalCode’s solution, users can maintain control of shared files. Gordon said the solution is an easy pitch for solution providers who want to re-engage and extend their data portfolios.”


New products of the week 9.26.16

Network World | Ryan Francis | September 2016

“New FinalCode 5.11 extends enterprise-grade file sharing security. Advances usability, interoperability and management capabilities, such as security templates, single sign-on (SSO) authentication, dynamic provisioning and more.”


101: How FinalCode Offers Enterprises Secure File Collaboration

“The Tech Blog Writer Podcast” Startup Stories | Neil Hughes | September 2016

“FinalCode, is a global file security platform provider that has recently joined IBM’s PartnerWorld program and was also recently named a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner. Companies face the monumental challenge of establishing strong and persistent file protection to ensure sensitive corporate information remains protected. Even with massive investments in network security and data leakage prevention systems, leading companies lose sensitive files regularly… I invited Scott Gordon, chief operating officer of FinalCode onto the show to explain more about the five-step process and find out more about what services they offer.”


Updated DRM platform helps protect sensitive enterprise data

Beta News | Ian Barker | September 2016

“File security specialist FinalCode is launching a new version of its DRM platform to help businesses secure data both inside and outside the organization… strong encryption, entitlement settings and traceability controls with the ability to remotely delete files even after they have been shared.”



Combating File Sharing Data Leakage, Part II

Computer Technology Review | Scott Gordon | September 2016

“Ultimately, an organization would apply a set of controls based on sensitive file types and business transactions depending on business requisites, resources, cost, impact, practicality and risk appetite.”


On the Radar: FinalCode addresses persistent file security challenges for the enterprise

“FinalCode offers a persistent and flexible approach to file protection… available as a virtual appliance for on-premise implementation and can also be deployed as a cloud-based, SaaS offering, and now as an add-on security tool for Box.”


DLT Form Public Sector Partnership

CivSource | Staff | September 2016

“At the end of August, the company (DLT Solutions) announced it would be working with FinalCode, a provider of file security software to bring FinalCode’s file-centric Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution to the public sector. The platform employs FinalCode’s standards-based cryptographic module which is currently in process for FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification by NIST.”


FinalCode ? Easy, Scalable And Persistent Enterprise-Grade File Security

SuperbCrew | Milan Apostolic | September 2016

“Companies have applied layered defenses to protect data by placing access restrictions and other controls to information held in network resources, databases and content management systems. But file collaboration security has been a huge issue for enterprises. IT staff are being asked where business data may be vulnerable ? guess what, it’s with files. Sensitive files left on insecure devices, emailed, put in mobile applications or sent through the cloud. Business-critical files send to contractors, business prospects or taken by ex-employees. FinalCode makes a great choice for business looking to lock down sensitive files being shared.”



FinalCode opens new London office; Jo Below appointed as managing director, Europe

SC Magazine | Danielle Correa | September 2016

“FinalCode has announced the opening of a new regional headquarters to be based in London. The company also appointed Jo Below as managing director, Europe… Below, having sales leadership and defence industry knowledge, brings years of experience in enterprise content management, security and encryption to his new role.”


FinalCode appoints new MD for Europe, opens HQ in London

Techseen | Mrunmayi Sapatnekar | September 2016

“With its vision of expansion, FinalCode recently announced a new partnership with DLT Solutions in order to bring file sharing and collaboration security to the public sector… ?joined IBM partner program in August this year… opened up its new regional headquarters in London.”


Best Practices for Ensuring File Security at Your Firm

Accounting Technology | Scott Gordon | September 2016

“As evidenced by these breaches, professional services providers work in a highly connected world where sharing files and collaborating online is the norm. Professional services organizations may have content management, email security and mobile management in place, but these controls often don’t apply after files traverse the firewall to external networks, users and devices, which can expose sensitive customer and internal information.”


Partnership Provides File Sharing and Collaboration Security to Government Agencies

eContent Magazine | Theresa Cramer | August 2016

“DLT Solutions…and FinalCode…announced a new partnership to bring file sharing and collaboration security to the public sector…FinalCode file security platform is agnostic to an organization’s existing file storage, transport, and collaboration infrastructure, which when combined with its integration toolkit, allows for rapid deployment and interoperability.”


DLT Solutions and FinalCode Collaborate on File Security Solutions for the Public Sector

KM World | Sandra Haimila | August 2016

“DLT Solutions (DLT), a public sector technology company, and FinalCode, which offers a file security platform, have announced a new partnership to bring file sharing and collaboration security to enable government agencies, extending protection for shared, sensitive files inside and outside their organizations…The file-centric digital rights management solution includes strong encryption, granular usage controls, traceability and remote deletion, to help agencies protect against data loss, as well as strengthen file collaboration security between themselves and other agencies and private sector entities.”


DCNS submarine document leak exposes Indian naval secrets

Hackread | Waqas Amir | August 2016

“India opened an investigation after The Australian newspaper published documents relating to the submarine’s combat capabilities, raising concerns over another major contract with Australia…The leak contains more than 22,000 pages outlining the details of six submarines that DCNS has designed for the Indian Navy. File security controls, such as encryption, access and digital rights management (DRM), should have been persistently applied to these files and according to policy, in order to mitigate these costly risks.”



Combating File Sharing Data Leakage

Computer Technology Review | Scott Gordon | August 2016

“Greater diversity and mechanisms for authorized personnel to use and share files, for network share resources to be unintentionally exposed, for files to be readily emailed, and for hackers and malware to potentially obtain files; which, as a result, has created a new data leakage frontier. ?Let’s examine leading file security controls that can effectively combat file sharing exposures.”



Submarine data leak sparks talk of industrial warfare as accusations surface

CBR Online | Ambrose McNevin | August 2016

“A contract under which French firm DCNS is building submarines for the Indian navy has exploded in acrimony after it was revealed that 22,000 pages detailing technical and performance specifications of the craft has been leaked. Hacktivists are motivated by reputational, economic and political gains from capitalizing on businesses’ and countries’ inability to secure sensitive, critical documents? tipping the scale in favor of other contenders in future military action and contracting situations. The shipbuilder said it could be an act of industrial warfare.”


Pragmatic Steps to Manage File Data Leakage Risks

InfoSec Island | Scott Gordon | August 2016

“Data dissemination and ?le collaboration are natural parts of most business and operational work?ows; thus, security must be an integral part of modern corporate work?ow to protect sensitive information…The key is to make file security easy, intuitive and aligned to corporate policy.”


Bob Sullivan

Submarine builder declares ‘economic warfare’ as plans for ship said to be hacked; now what?

Bob Sullivan | Bob Sullivan | August 2016

“The incident does highlight the asymmetrical nature of digital “warfare,” however, a billion-dollar project involving thousands of employees can be derailed by a single person with a digital file and a the e-mail address of a journalist. Sharing files, such as the 22,000-plus pages of blueprints and technical details on DCNS’s Scorpene submarines, is a necessary collaboration between government, contractor and manufacturing entities…But the exposure of these Indian naval secrets illustrates how lax file protection has opened a door to new data loss risks.”


Cloud Storage and File Collaboration: The Biggest Data Leakage Risks

Information Management | Scott Gordon | August 2016

“It has been proven that cloud storage and file collaboration can introduce data leakage risks. Once sensitive files leave a protected and monitored environment, they may be subject to unauthorized access unless additional security measures have been applied… Companies should also consider additional tools that employees can apply in order to better secure files they intend to share outside the firewall, such as file encryption and entitlement controls, which can close file security and collaboration gaps.”


FinalCode extends file security services to IBM customers

ChannelLife Australia | Sara Barker | August 2016

“FinalCode… provides opportunity for IBM partners and customers to choose file security greater than what most cloud-based enterprise content management security settings can govern… allowing the company to service IBM clients and collaborators through its digital rights management (DRM) and file security platform.”


5 Channel Partner Updates: 10 August 2016

Channele2e | Joe Panettieri | August 2016

“FinalCode,?which offers?persistent file security, has joined the IBM PartnerWorld program and has received IBM Business Partner designation. FinalCode also works with IBM’s?enterprise content management (ECM) portfolio.”


Hacker Steals 100,000 Docs from Ohio Heath System

Infosecurity | Michael Hill | August 2016

“A Ukrainian hacker has claimed responsibility for pinching more than 100,000 internal documents from an Ohio-based health system… second-largest healthcare system in the state… The breach illustrates how healthcare system file collaboration has become the new data leakage frontier.”


Hackers Have Designs On Your IP: Here’s How You Stop Them Anywhere, Anytime

Manufacturing Business Technology | Scott Gordon | August 2016

“As recent events show, manufacturers’ design secrets and money have not been immune from the onslaught of high profile data breaches. Collaboration across the global supply chain represents a big risk to U.S. firms. Theft of intellectual property by hackers associated with foreign governments totaled hundreds of billions of dollars in 2015, according to the FBI. One in five manufacturing firms reported a loss of intellectual property in a cyberattack in the past year.”


FinalCode extends file security services to IBM customers

Techseen | Sharmistha Mukherjee | August 2016

“FinalCode…has joined the IBM PartnerWorld program and has received IBM Business Partner designation today…According to the company, it provides cost-effective services that can be deployed according to project, department and business application needs and includes file-based information rights management (IRM) for external users at no additional cost… claims that its scalable approach can readily integrate with a company’s IBM ECM infrastructure.”


Central Ohio Urology Group Hacked; 223GB of Crucial Data Leaked

Hackread | Waqas Amir | August 2016

“A group of Ukrainian hackers going by the handle of Pravyy Sector has contacted HackRead with a data breach?and it’s shockingly massive… invoking available encryption and usage control on files such as the more than 100,000 exposed Microsoft and Adobe documents in the Ohio breach, would have secured this regulated data and enabled breach disclosure safe harbors.”


Retailers’ Data Under Siege … Again

Dealerscope | Scott Gordon | July 2016

“Emerging file security solutions aimed at reducing data leakage risks caused by mistakes ? e.g., the W-2 document phishing scams ? or through collaboration apply strong encryption and usage controls that persist as files traverse to various external users, networks and devices. Past information rights management (IRM) solutions were costly, often tied to specific applications or infrastructure and cumbersome for IT and departmental users alike.”


In the Breach War, File Protection Is Just as Important as Data

PaymentsSource | Scott Gordon | July 2016

“How can financial services firms ensure only authorized users access shared files, and at the same time, take advantage of data breach notification safe harbor by ensuring the encryption and controlled access to these files? Emerging file security solutions aimed at reducing file mishandling and collaboration data leakage risks address this gap with strong file encryption and usage controls that, once applied, persist for the life of the file, including after it traverses to various networks, recipients and devices.”


Retailers’ Data Under Siege … Again

Total Retail | Scott Gordon | July 2016

“W-2 document security was a problem across every industry. Hackers use information in the stolen tax forms such as social security numbers, income and withholding to file fraudulent tax returns with the IRS. The odds favor the hackers. According to the IRS, this crime worked 22 percent of the time and resulted in more than 100,000 successful e-file PIN creations out of about 500,000 stolen documents…Emerging file security solutions aimed at reducing data leakage risks caused by mistakes ? e.g., the W-2 document phishing scams ? or through collaboration apply strong encryption and usage controls that persist as files traverse to various external users, networks and devices. Past information rights management (IRM) solutions were costly, often tied to specific applications or infrastructure and cumbersome for IT and departmental users alike. While these IRM solutions worked well internally, they were especially challenging to enforce for users outside the organization.”


Take control of healthcare identity protection and information sharing

Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review |?Scott Gordon |June 2016

“Like their peers in other industries, healthcare and life sciences organizations find collaboration is risky but necessary. Much of the collaboration problem lies in inadequate controls after files cross the firewall where internal content management, DLP and other point solutions no longer apply… many healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations have taken advantage of emerging file security solutions to reduce these data leakage risks by addressing this gap with strong file encryption and usage controls that, once applied, persist for the life of the file.”


Google Employee Data Exposed by Third-Party Vendor

SecurityWeek | Ed Kovacs | May 2016

“…benefits manager who received the employee information. This minor Google breach serves as a cautionary tale that sensitive information can be taken with malicious intent?or in this case?sent by accident. Once unencrypted data is out there, it’s out there. Organizations should foresee this occurring and apply file security and policies beforehand.”



Protecting data wherever it lives

GCN |?Maria Korolov?| May 2016

“Each government agency has some leeway about how it implements encryption to address its own data security risks…Certain agencies, such as defense and intelligence, require stronger encryption, like the use of Suite B algorithms, and they are exploring the use of quantum-safe crypto technologies.”


SecurityBrief AU

Google suffers minor breach when third-party vendor accidentally exposes employee information

Security Brief AU |?Sara Barker | May 2016

“Although the email contained private information including social security numbers, this mistake was not intended to damage Google or its employees… Such a slipup highlights the importance of company security, file encryption and data protection, even in the case of mistaken activity.”



Google insider data breach exposed employee personal info

SearchSecurity |?Peter Loshin | May 2016

“The damage from the insider data breach could have been much worse. With all of the layers of security available, organizations like the benefits vendor have no excuse when it comes to preventing data leakage of customer information or intellectual property. Once unencrypted data is out there, it’s out there. Organizations should foresee this occurring and apply file security and policies beforehand.”



UAE InvestBank hacked, nearly 100k recycled data records leaked?

SC Magazine |?Danielle Correa | May 2016

“Whether the criminals plan to use the customer and employee credit card, bank statement, passport, ID and insurance card details they leaked for fraud or not, the fact that this sensitive information is now available online is disturbing.”



UAE InvestBank ‘hack’ looks like stale, recycled data from last year

The Register |?John Leyden?| May 2016

“The compromised data (fresh or not) can be abused by hackers to put together more sophisticated scams. Financial services firms, like in other regulated industries, need to expand their data defence portfolios… securing files that may be exposed due to inadvertent emails, lost portable storage devices or unauthorised sharing.”


FinalCode Adds Singapore Office, Key Channel Leader

Channel Partners | Craig Galbraith | May 2016

“…opening a new regional headquarters in Singapore… the result of the continued success FinalCode is experiencing… allows any business to persistently protect sensitive files, both inside and outside the business… available as software as a service (SaaS) or as a virtual appliance.”



Hackers Breach Goldcorp, Lifeboat, Qatar National Bank

eSecurity Planet| Jeff Goldman | May 2016

“Hackers recently published 1.5 GB of documents, including customers’ bank details, birthdates and phone numbers, that they claimed were stolen from the Qatar National Bank (QNB), Reuters reports… it is imperative to consider the grave consequences of data leakage as confidential files are shared.”



Our Review of FinalCode 5.0: A Persistent File Security Solution

Computer Technology Review | Logan Harbaugh | April 2016

“I found FinalCode to be an excellent addition to the data security framework for most companies. It is fully capable of managing file access and usage rights for both internal and external users, with a small footprint for the client, and comprehensive management capabilities… Rating Overall: ?5.”


FinalCode Enhances File Collaboration Security for Pasona N A

Digital Enterprise | Bojan Simic | April 2016

“Pasona’s project was to enhance protection of files containing business sensitive and regulated data was to choose a tool that was easy to administer, scalable and utmost provided ease of use for their internal and external users… the level of file security FinalCode provided allows Pasona NA to alleviate the real data protection concerns of their shareholders, customers and prospects.”


Qatar Bank Hack Exposes ‘MI6 Spies’

Infosecurity | Phil Muncaster | April 2016

“Files may be exposed due to inadvertent emails, lost portable storage devices or unauthorized sharing… ?the best approach to prevent file data leakage is through the use of strong encryption and usage control.”


Don’t Let Your Extension Filers Fall Prey to Hackers

AccountingWeb | Scott Gordon | April 2016

“The majority of tax extension documents will be sent around internally between accountants ? and externally for their clients’ review ? likely over insecure email servers… Financial services firms need solutions that not only thwart hackers and insider threats, but also protect information in the event files are exposed… secure sensitive files through strong encryption and usage control.”



Safe passage: Case study

SC Magazine | Greg Masters | April 2016

“Cloud file-sharing products were very useful, but still did not offer data protection outside their application, so an authorized end-user receiving a file would have the ability to share the file with others and that file could not be tracked… as a result, we could still have an exposure of sensitive information.”



FDIC Breach Exposes Bank Customer Data

Credit Union Times | Roy Urrico | April 2016

“The FDIC detected and quickly moved to mitigate a breach of 44,000 customer records… Securing sensitive information at the file level is the best way to define individual access permission and ensures that you can maintain control over your data everywhere it travels… once unencrypted data is out there, it’s out there. Organizations should foresee this occurring and apply file security and policies beforehand.”


FinalCode Enhances File Collaboration Security for Pasona N A

Corporate Tech Decisions | Jonathan Blackwood | April 2016

“Pasona’s director of professional services wanted to enhance security capabilities for file collaboration which represents a good part of their business. ?She wanted to achieve this in a way that would be cost-effective and also have broad application. (FinalCode) offered greater flexibility for implementation and use, with broader and more effective defenses than competing solutions.”


What Banks Can Learn from the FDIC Data Breach

American Banker | Penny Crosman | April 2016

“Another option is digital rights management software, which restricts who can do what with files inside and outside a company’s network… have the ability to delete that information even after it’s left your organization.”


Info of Qatar National Bank customers, Al Jazeera staff, others, leaked online

Help Net Security |?Zeljka Zorz?| April 2016

“The interdependencies between banks, industry, government agencies and private citizens make it imperative to consider the grave consequences of data leakage, inadvertently or subversively, especially as confidential files are often shared between different entities…Financial services firms, like in other regulated industries, need to expand their data defense portfolios beyond that of thwarting hackers and monitoring for insider threats to securing files.”


Don’t Let Tax Procrastinators Become Prey for Hungry Hackers

Accounting Technology | Scott Gordon | April 2016

“Enable business by showing your clients enhanced data protection capabilities. New persistent file security tools make it possible to keep your customers’ trust and preserve your reputation, even during the tax extension rush. Financial services firms need solutions that not only thwart hackers and insider threats, but also protect information in the event files are exposed by inadvertent emails, lost portable storage devices or undocumented transfers.”


What Banks Can Learn from the FDIC Data Breach

Network World | Ryan Francis | March 2016

“Network World’s weekly roundup of intriguing new products: FinalCode for Box allows for the management and control of viewing or editing file permissions outside the Box container by invoking the FinalCode controls directly within the Box interface.”


FinalCode for Box Keeps Files Secure Outside Box Environment

Fierce Content Management | Lisa Hoover McGreevey | March 2016

“FinalCode for Box is a neat pairing that plays on the strengths of both companies and delivers a way to keep documents secure once they leave the Box environment.”



Exposed Seagate Workers Could Face Years of Cyberattacks

SC Magazine | Doug Olenick | March 2016

“Electronic digital rights management could have helped… access and encryption would ensure that the file owner maintains control of the data, even after it was mistakenly sent. Certainly, the capability to remotely delete the files after they were sent would have been very useful too.”


FinalCode Enhances its Flagship Platform with Stronger File Security

KMWorld | Stephanie Simone | March 2016

“Organizations are looking at ways to extend file security capabilities to essentially reduce data leakage risks… Enhanced administration, usability, and security controls allow users to have a wide variety of policies applied to one file, making the platform easy to use.”


Fast Company, Inc. Magazine Publisher Hacked

InfoSecurity Mag | Tara Seals | March 2016

“The cloud continues to transform the way that companies interact with their employees, partners, consultants and customers… companies need to secure and control the data over its entire lifecycle such a sensitive employee or customer data that is subject to regulations.”



Data Breaches at Cox, Mansueto Expose Employees’ Personal Info

eSecurity Planet | Jeff Goldman | March 2016

“When you consider how common cyberthreats are, it’s careless for any company to not encrypt Social Security numbers, financials, health insurance information and other sensitive employee or customer data that is subject to regulations… to address these evolving conditions, companies need to secure and control the data over its entire lifecycle.”



FinalCode for Box Enhanced File Control, Management by Hosting Encryption, Usage Control

Computer Technology Review | Anna Ribeiro | March 2016

“Users can change, lock or revoke collaborator access and usage permission to shared BOX files and entire folders; remotely delete files on recipient’s device, on demand or on access attempt violation, even after files have been removed from Box, with security policy inheritance as files and folders move within the Box folder hierarchy.”


Enhanced Security Comes to the Autodesk Developer Network

Design News | Rob Spiegel | February 2016

“Not everybody has joined the cloud implementation of Autodesk and sometimes you have to send files or Adobe derivatives of those files outside the Autodesk platform… FinalCode provides security as CAD files are shared among Autodesk users and beyond to their supply chain partners.”


New products of the week 2.22.2016

Network World | Ryan Francis | February 2016

“FinalCode for CAD is an option to the FinalCode platform, allowing businesses to persistently protect Autodesk AutoCAD files and associated Acrobat files wherever they go, inside and outside the organization.”


Healthcare Entities Recognize the Value of Cybersecurity

Physicians Money Digest | Ed Rabinowitz | February 2016

“Healthcare?organizations?regularly handle some of our most sensitive data, and the ease at which this information can be externally shared or mistakenly exposed is concerning.?Appropriate content management, encryption, and usage control technologies can prevent incidents of file leakage containing health information.”



FinalCode: More than DRM

SC Magazine | Peter Stephenson | February 2016

“FinalCode ? is about as tamper-proof as you could want…?It is the evolution of early DRM tools… subscribes to a good file security lifecycle… The bottom line is that this tool works very well, is amazingly simple to deploy and use, and only the senders pay a license fee…?this will save you tons of headaches and protect your sensitive data when it is out of your immediate control.”


FinalCode Joins Autodesk Developer Network

Desktop Engineering | Jamie Gooch | February 2016

“In the case of the CAD industry, sensitive files are often shared with a wide variety of recipients, increasing data leakage risks. (FinalCode)?provides an array of usage controls and auditing functions for Autodesk CAD files and Adobe Acrobat files, which are often shared between design teams.”


5 Reasons VARs Should Add Secure File Sharing and Collaboration

ITBOB | Sara Kuranda | January 2016

“There’s a new demand for bring your own collaboration (BYOC). There’s an opportunity for partners to get ahead of that trend. For partners, secure file collaboration and sharing is an easy add-on to an existing security practice… sell it alongside a data loss prevention program or a web-and-email filtering solution.”



The Compliance Oriented Architecture ? Are We There Yet?

ComputerWeekly | Clive Longbottom | January 2016

“Silos have evolved to provide greater levels of security – but they are self-contained, with any such security being based primarily around encrypting files at the application or email level, or managing documents/files as long as they remain within the secure cloud repository or local secure ‘container’ (the encapsulation of a file in a proprietary manner to apply security on that file) on the host.”



FinalCode looks to Mitigate BYOC Risks

Credit Union Times | ?Roy Urrico | ?January 2016

“While the growth of bring your own collaboration will lead to greater and more pervasive workplace data leakage and privacy risks, financial institutions may be able to mitigate data extrusion through encryption, usage controls and content filtering.”



FinalCode 6 Takes Aim At File Encryption Challenge

eSecurity Planet | Sean Michael Kerner | January 2016

“FinalCode provides additional control and management capabilities in addition to data encryption.?With FinalCode 5.0 the company is now pushing its capabilities further and improving the overall user experience… our real objective was can someone use our product and barely open up a manual.”


FinalCode Challenges File Sync Vendors with v5

CMSWire | David Roe | January 2016

“File security start-up FinalCode just announced the release of FinalCode 5… its focus is entirely on security… It’s clear that in order to not be left vulnerable to data exposure and liability, businesses must invoke strong file security controls with impeding file sharing workflow in order to stem the tide of data leakage that continues to occur.”


FinalCode Steps Up Enterprise File Sharing Security Game With Latest Platform

FierceITSecurity | Fred Donovan | January 2016

“Enterprises are increasingly falling victim to data leakage from file sharing tools…to help IT departments address this growing threat, FinalCode has released the latest version of its file security platform, version 5… collaboration tools, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Cloud. All of those things allow for enterprise users to make their own decisions about how they are going to collaborate. It’s evolving quickly, and you can’t get away from privacy and compliance liabilities.”


New products of the week 1.11.2016

Network World | Ryan Francis l January 2016

“FinalCode allows any business to persistently protect sensitive files wherever they go inside and outside of their organization.”


FinalCode Provides More Granular Control Over Data

IT Business Edge| Mike Vizard| January 2016

With the rise of mobile and cloud computing, keeping track of who is using which files, when and where, has become a compliance nightmare for most IT organizations… IT organizations have not implemented file access and control systems because they have been challenging to install. FinalCode 5 addresses that issue by focusing on making FinalCode both simple to deploy and use.



Cybersecurity Woes to Intensify in 2016

Credit Union Times | Roy Urrico | January 2016

“In today’s environment of advanced and targeted threats, it is imperative to assume that data breaches will continue to happen into 2016 and beyond… therefore, companies should proactively take steps to protect sensitive documents inside and outside their organizations.”



Bring Your Own Collaboration and File Security

Computer Technology Review | Kim Kay?| December 2015

“It has become altogether too easy for authorized users to obtain access to a file, and once in their possession, take it outside the control of the company. Even worse, these authorized users may choose to share that file with others who may not be entitled to have it, much less protect it in the same way.”



Cloudy File Security: The New Data Leakage Frontier

CSO Online?| Scott Gordon | December 2015

“Many first generation file security systems are encumbered by complex and restrictive information rights management capabilities ? limited to certain user, system and application types. In today’s digitally collaborative business, file security must accommodate a broader set of applications, collaboration mechanisms and constituents. One approach to consider is next generation file encryption and usage control platforms that separate file security from file storage, distribution and management”



Channel People On the Move: FinalCode’s John Grillos and Scott Gordon

Channel Partners | Craig Galbraith | November 2015

“Scott Gordon is the new chief operating officer at FinalCode, the file security company…Gordon will be responsible for go-to-market strategy, corporate performance and operations support…FinalCode also tapped John Grillos as its new senior vice president of worldwide sales…responsible for accelerating sales and advancing FinalCode’s channel relationships.”



Hires and Promotions, Nov. 11

San Francisco Chronicle | Jillian Sullivan | November 2015

“FinalCode named Scott Gordon chief operating officer and John Grillos senior vice president of worldwide sales.”



File Insecurity: The Final Data Leakage Frontier

InfoSec Island | Scott Gordon | November 2015

“Unfortunately, the protection of sensitive, con?dential and regulated data within ?les being shared both internally and externally remains a signi?cant source of exposure within many organizations. This lack of capability for controlling unstructured data as it moves through its lifecycle will not only yield more data privacy breaches but will impact the adoption of advanced enterprise and cloud content management systems.”



Security Startup FinalCode Nabs Industry Veterans to Lead Channel Charge

CRN | Mark Haranas | October 2015

“People are spending on this type of technology and we’re at the right place, the right time to bring our solutions to the channel… the solution is really flexible in how it can be implemented, and very fast to get results. (FInalCode) plans to win more market share by growing the company’s channel in specific vertical markets and geographic regions and through new strategic partnerships.”



5 Stories We Didn’t Get to Write, Week of Oct. 30

The VAR Guy | Michael Cusanelli | October 2015

“Enterprise file security solution developer FinalCode has appointed Scott Gordon as chief operation officer and John Grillos as senior vice president of Worldwide Sales, the company announced on Wednesday. Gordon will be responsible for shaping the company’s go-to-market strategy and corporate performance, while Grillos will work to grow the company’s sales and foster channel relationships and strategic partnerships.”



File Data Leakage ? Think Twice

Information Security Buzz | Scott Gordon | October 2015

“While structured data, information contained in databases, is well protected in the confines of secure backend systems, unstructured data is a wholly different story. Unfortunately, the protection of sensitive, and often regulated, data within ?les being shared both internally and externally remains a signi?cant source of exposure within many organizations.”



Though Less Publicized, Data Leaks Are More Prevalent Than Data Breaches

Government Technology | Eyragon Eidam | October 2015

“While not as attention-grabbing as malicious data breaches, data leaks offer their own set of concerns and challenges for organizations handling sensitive and confidential information. And the question becomes, once that (file) data leaves the safeguard of a perimeter or a container, you lose security, you lose auditability, tracking and potentially lose integrity.”



Uber Exposes Nearly 1,000 of its Driver’s Personal Documents

SC Magazine | Robert Abel | October 2015

“Uber app inadvertently gave access to nearly 1,000 personal documents belonging to 674 drivers that contained social security numbers, scans of driver’s licenses, tax forms and other information. Securing files containing confidential and regulated data must take a front seat at Uber.”



Collaboration Solutions Need Measures to Control Data Leakage

Business Solutions | Ally Kutz | October 2015

“As your IT clients deploy collaboration solutions, they are realizing the need to combat a downside of using them: data leakage…A FinalCode study performed by Enterprise Management Associates found that, to prevent this transfer of data outside of their organizations, 53 percent of survey respondents are considering investments in file encryption and usage control software, 53 percent in portable storage devices, 50 percent in network gateway encryption, 50 percent in email gateway/proxy, and 50 percent in enterprise mobility management (EMM).”



Survey Roundup: ?A Critical Look at Board Debate

WSJ | Ben DiPietro | October 2015

“Don’t Trust Us:? A survey of 153 information security executives in North America by IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates and file security company FinalCode found 84% of respondents said they had little to no confidence in their organization’s ability to secure confidential files.”



15 Million T-Mobile Customer Records Exposed

Credit Union Times | Roy Urrico | October 2015

“The information stolen from Experian can be combined with data from other sources and potentially used in sophisticated attacks.”



Are your files Secure? File Collaboration Security Report Offers Insight

CorporateTechDecisions | Jonathan Blackwood | October 2015

“Data dissemination and file collaboration are natural parts of most business and operational workflows, so must security be an integral part of the workflow to protect information. The (survey) findings serve as useful metrics on to the state of perceived risk, actual threats and control investments to protect files as companies extend their content management and collaboration strategies.”



Unstructured Data, Unending Security Concerns

CIO Insight | Karen Frenkel | October 2015

“The growth of cloud and mobile computing, ease of file sharing and collaboration methods, applications and devices all contribute to data leakage incidents, according to the report. Enterprise-grade file security firm FinalCode sponsored the survey, “State of File Collaboration Security,” which EMA conducted in September.”



Experian-T-Mobile US Hack: ‘We trusted them, now that trust is broken’

The Register | John Leydon?|?October 2015

“It’s become commonplace to offer credit monitoring to victims of a data privacy breach, but other attacks could fall outside the monitored time period.”



84% of IT Pros Have Moderate to No Confidence in Ability to Secure Files

eSecurity Planet | Jeff Goldman | October 2015

“Unfortunately, the protection of sensitive, confidential, and regulated data within files being shared both internally and externally remains a significant source of exposure within many organizations.? Twenty percent of respondents said files inappropriately shared with others inside the company served as the most likely cause of data leakage, followed by files inappropriately shared with others outside the company…”



Decision Makers Lack File Collaboration Security Confidence

ECM Connection | Katie Wike | October 2015

“Inappropriate file sharing with others inside the organization, with those outside the organization, and through malware and hackers were cited as the most likely causes of data leakage.”



Experian Hack Exposes Data of 15 Million T-Mobile Consumers

Security Week | ?News Editor ?| October 2015

“The T-Mobile and Experian relationship illustrates the importance of tracking and auditing the use of sensitive and regulated data in different forms throughout its lifecycle and processing supply chain.”



Experian, T-Mobile breach exposes 15 million customers, but what will happen to the data

Secure Computing Magazine | Doug Olenick | October 2015

“It’s become commonplace to offer credit monitoring to victims of a data privacy breach… the information taken will be used for a possibly even darker purpose.”



Report: ?IT’s Faith in Ability to Protect Data is Abysmal

FierceContentManagement | Lisa Hoover McGreevy | September 2015

“Despite the need and heightened interest in the EFSS platforms, more than 90 percent of respondents stated the lack of protection of files leaving cloud-based platforms or device containers as the highest risk to adopting cloud-based file storage and collaboration services.



84% of Managers Don’t Trust Current Security Tools to Keep Sensitive Files Safe

Softpedia | Catalin Cimpanu | September 2015

“As we moved towards managing everything using our electronic devices, file security has become of utmost importance for everyone involved. ?Managers plan to make technology investments to boost their company’s security tech portfolio… most survey participants have said they will invest in file encryption and usage control software.”



Report: ?Significant Concern Over Risk of Data Leakage

Manufacturing Business Technology | Jon Minnick | September 2015

“While policy development and legal enforcement are foundational file security defenses, organizations plan to increase user awareness training and purchase additional security technology.”



Report: ?Significant Concern Over Risk of Data Leakage

Infosecurity | Tara Seals | September 2015

“The growth of cloud and mobile computing has boosted the ease at which files can be shared.?And no wonder that all organizations surveyed,?across IT, security?and line of business roles, are concerned about file data leakage risks, and 75% expressed very high to high concerns.”



IT Decision Makers Plan to Improve File Security with Investments in Technology, Training: ?Report

The WHIR | Chris Burt | September 2015

“Less than one in five information security decision makers for medium and large enterprises feel highly confident in their file security investments… survey findings clearly show a gap between file security policies and practices and the efficacy of technical controls in place.”



File Data Leakage a Growing Threat: ?Survey

Credit Union Times?|?Roy Urrico?|?September 2015

“The development of industry and government compliance mandates toward data security, and protection of personally identifiable information, have encouraged companies to take action and investigate how to extend policies, processes and controls to protect sensitive file information inside and outside an organization.”



File Insecurity: The Final Data Leakage Frontier

Help Net Security | Mirko Zorz |?September 2015

“The key findings of a new FinalCode report revealed that all responding organizations expressed significant concern for risk of data leakage due to inappropriate sharing or unauthorized access to files containing sensitive, confidential or regulated information. Correspondingly, more than 80 percent of survey participants were aware of data leakage incidents in their organizations.”



File Security: Risks, Threats and Investment

Axis l Elaine Sanchez Wilson | September 2015

“A recent report indicates that 80 percent of IT decision makers say they have experienced file data leakage incidents, with 84 percent expressing moderate to no confidence in their capacity to secure confidential files…”



FinalCode Secures Docs with File Encryption Software

TechTarget | Ramin Edmond | September 2015

“The key issue we’re dealing with is you have all this collaboration and data sharing going on right now. This type of a technology gives the business a better ability to better manage the data proactively. His company is testing FinalCode and, so far, they’ve determined it’s easy to use without additional IT staff.”



Former CVS Employee Steals Monina Healthcare Members’ PHI

eSecurity Planet | Jeff Goldman | September 2015

“Given HIPAA and HITECH privacy regulations concerning the protection of PII (personal identifiable information) and ePHI (electronic patient health information), care providers, insurers and retailers need to rethink how they are securing data while advancing the necessary and timely access to medical records.”



DRM Could Be Making A Comeback In The Enterprise

CSO Magazine | Maria Korolov | August 2015

“Renewed interest in cyber security, increased compliance requirements and significant advances in usability and pricing models, enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) has a new opportunity to make its mark… Companies like FinalCode that protect data at the file and operating system level are in a good place right now.”



Cloud File Sharing ? Pandora’s Box

Government Security News | Scott Gordon | August 2015

“Moving to cloud-based enterprise content management systems offers great benefit, but with that comes inherent risks… since agencies can not hold back the tide or advancement in file collaboration, they will need to examine the potential consequences of data leakage given the ease at which files can be shared and data can be exposed…”



FinalCode 2015 Emerging Vendor

CRN | Richard Whiting | August 2015

“Since the solution interoperates with an organization’s existing enterprise content management, cloud-based file storage and collaboration systems, FinalCode provides channel partners the opportunity to benefit from data security purchase trends and re-engage with customers to examine data leakage programs and extend file access and entitlement controls.”



FinalCode Keeps Files Safe Wherever They Go

Network World | Tim Greene | July 2015

“Platform as software entirely under control of the customer or as a service in which FinalCode handles the server side. That is a big advantage for businesses that want this type of protection but don’t want to deal with the key management and infrastructure… companies that already make use of document-sharing services like DropBox can still use them but add FinalCode’s layer of security over the files.”



Under Attack: Arm Yourself Against Hackers

Managed Healthcare Executive | July 2015

“Given the broad mix of users, devices and applications in the healthcare industry, it’s a challenge to create an encompassing data protection policy and have sufficient technical control over it… FinalCode’s product protects sensitive files’ confidentiality, extending controls over shared files… required in a healthcare environment…”



FinalCode Secures Enterprise File Sharing for Pioneer

InfoTech Spotlight | Eric Ogren | June 2015

“FinalCode is impressive in its ability to cryptographically secure sensitive files and apply a broad set of entitlement controls inside the network and on remote devices while allowing the customer maximum freedom in its choices of enterprise content management, cloud storage and collaboration system.”



Email data breach costs $13 million

Credit Union Times | Roy Urrico | June 2015

“Securing your network is one thing. Keeping your files secure outside that network is quite another. Security can follow a file wherever it goes… FinalCode could have prevented this accidental data leak by remotely deleting the emailed file.”



Gift Card Data Breach Underscores Need to Address Insider Threats

Solution Providers for Retail | Jennifer Bosavage | June 2015

“(the exposure) could potentially have prevented ? or at least lessened the impact of ? this accidental data leak, by remotely deleting the emailed file… reminds us that protecting yourself from human error is just as important as protecting yourself from hackers and malware.”



How To Protect Sensitive Files While Making Them Available For Sharing And Collaboration

NetworkWorld | Linda Musthaler | June 2015

“Protecting files that contain sensitive information, while still making them available for collaborative use, continues to be a challenge today… (FinalCode) solve the file security and data leakage dilemma with an easy to use yet strong encryption solution that gives users broad entitlement control.”



Bring Your Own Collaboration

ComputerWeekly | Rober Banforth | May, 2015

“Following the rise of BYOD, IT departments face a new challenge in controlling their organization’s digital assets…. One approach is to focus purely on the content, rather than where it is stored. FinalCode offers a system that encrypts files and uses a centralized means of control to command what recipients can do with the file ? whether this be copy and paste, print, forward and so on.”



Peerlyst Community TV Episode2: Best Practices for Sharing Files

Peerlyst | Frank Ohlhorst | May 2015

“FinalCode’s Director of Product Management, Naotaka Honzawa, talks with Frank Ohlhorst about best practices of secure file sharing.”



FinalCode Gives Enterprises Secure File Collaboration–Existential Questions Remain

Forbes | Ben Kepes | April 2015

“As more and more organizations take advantage of cloud-based file sharing and collaboration, there is a corresponding increase in the demand to ensure that data which is shared in this manner is kept safe at all times. The (FinalCode) platform covers encryption, permissioning, tracking and remote deletion of different file types. As such it can be seen as a security wrapper that covers the multitude of applications and file types in use within an enterprise. That said, FinalCode looks like a good addition to the ranks of these vendors.”



Security Startup FinalCode Emerges From Stealth

CRN | Sarah Kuranda |?April 2015

“File encryption is especially important in the wake of recent headline-grabbing breaches, such as at Sony, Anthem Insurance and more, that could have been prevented or lessened by file-encryption technology…[FinalCode] works by defining the file security settings of each file and recipient, then encrypts the file and ‘follows it until its death’ using the FinalCode client…The encryption works both inside and outside of popular file-sharing tools such as Dropbox and Box.”



FinalCode Launches in the U.S. to Protect Files

eWEEK | Sean Kerner | April 2015

“‘Attacking and solving the data leakage dilemma. Persistence across multiple platforms is a key capability of FinalCode. In addition, the FinalCode platform works on top of existing enterprise applications and platforms… So if you’re using Dropbox or Box, we just make those solutions more secure.”



New FinalCode file security platform boosts encryption, usage controls for enterprises

Computer Technology Review | Anna Ribeiro | April 2015

“(FinalCode) key management and file usage controls are kept in a secure SaaS or on-premise virtual server, while file encryption performed locally on the file owner’s device and decryption is performed locally on the recipient’s device. This is clever in that the approach allows enterprises to layer the security on top of existing email, storage and collaboration tools, which fail to secure the file outside of their container. These would include SharePoint, Documentum, Dropbox, box.net?and even BitTorrent.”



New Products of the Week

Network World | Brandon Butler | April 2015

“FinalCode persistently protects sensitive files wherever they go with encryption and granular usage controls including remote deletion that seamlessly works with any application, content management system, cloud storage and collaboration channel.”



FinalCode rolls out enterprise-level file collaboration package

FierceContentManagement | Lisa McGreevy | April 2015

“FinalCode is an interesting new player in the enterprise file security space, which has historically been plagued with challenges as companies try to stay one step ahead of potential breaches or data loss…. keeping corporate documents safe in the age of BYOD, hacking and a plethora of other data leakage issues.”



Gord Boyce, People on the Move

Silicon Valley Business Journal | April 2015

“Gord Boyce was named CEO & board member of FinalCode, drawing upon more than 20 years of tech industry experience, to bring the company’s flexible & proven file security platform to the global market for SMBs, government agencies and enterprises.”



FinalCode Gives End Users Ultimate Control Over Files

IT Business Edge | Mike Vizard | April 2015

“Looking to give both end users and IT organizations control over files no matter where they are sent, FinalCode today announced the general availability of software?that allows organizations to not only attach permissions to a file, but also delete them whenever necessary regardless of where they are or who has possession of them. If organizations want to hold end users more accountable for security, they need to provide a way to enable them to apply and enforce security policies that doesn’t require constant supervision of every file by the already overtaxed IT organization.”



Our Connected World Needs File Security More Than Ever

Tech Cocktail | Will Schmidt | April 2015

“Nearly 305 million records have been leaked in the US in the past five years due to unintended disclosure, hacking, malware, and lost or discarded mobile and stationary computing devices. (FinalCode) ensures sensitive information remains protected on devices, content management systems, cloud storage, and collaboration channels.”


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