How It Works

Persistent Security That Is Seamless, Scalable and Rapidly Deployable

Through its robust architecture, FinalCode provides comprehensive file security that works throughout the file lifecycle and within an enterprise’s existing file sharing infrastructure and applications. The platform not only employs strong encryption and entitlement functionality, but leverages FinalCode’s patented CryptoEase ™ technology. By separating file security functionality from internal and external file storage and exchange mechanisms, files protection remains active, traceable and persistent. Further, FinalCode makes file security easy to use and readily adoptable by employees, partners, customers and prospects.



For any file that an enterprise user would like to share, FinalCode quickly encrypts the source file and sets file permissions (e.g. duration, open, edit, save, print, screenshot) for each authorized recipient. Permissions can be set manually by the file owner or automatically according to pre-defined enterprise policy. The file encryption key and permissions are automatically transmitted to the FinalCode server for secure storage and logging.


Once FinalCode has encrypted the file locally, the file owner can readily share the encrypted file directly with the intended recipient(s), via any communication channel (trusted or untrusted, private or public) that the user would like to use, including: enterprise content managers, cloud storage and collaboration applications.


When another user receives the file and tries to open it, FinalCode installed on the recipient’s device checks the FinalCode server to verify permissions and securely import the required file encryption key. FinalCode then locally decrypts the file and enforces the preset permissions by controlling the recipient’s native file application, operating system, and relevant drivers. All file usage is logged and available to the file owner and the enterprise.


If an unauthorized recipient tries to open the file, FinalCode will deny decryption and log the illicit attempt details. The user can also dynamically modify recipients and permissions, and can do so directly or by request from an authorized recipient. Finally, if the file owner decides to remotely delete the file, FinalCode will revoke all permissions, block any decryption attempts, and send a File Delete command to any user device that attempts to open it.

FinalCode Delivers


The solution can be implemented as a SaaS or virtual appliance with packages designed to accommodate small-to-medium businesses, government agencies and large distributed global enterprises.

Ease of Use and Adoptability

File owners utilize an intuitive, integrated FinalCode client to easily protect files and set permissions, while file recipients can install the free, lightweight FinalCode viewer client on their device. Enterprise administrators can quickly designate FinalCode file owners, and can integrate FinalCode with existing file sharing (e.g. Box, Dropbox, Microsoft and Google) or email systems (e.g. Gmail, Microsoft Exchange) seamlessly. The FinalCode API, executable on Windows and Linux systems, enables external solutions to call upon FinalCode functions.

Strong Security

FinalCode combines persistent file security, strong file encryption (AES 256) and granular permission setting (entitlement management) via its lightweight file owner client, secure key server and global user access management system (cloud or on premises), and recipient viewer client.

FinalCode-encrypted files can only be viewed with applications that have been tested to work with FinalCode. Known as application whitelisting and blacklisting, the approach assures FinalCode file protection remains strong no matter where the file goes. Furthermore, FinalCode’s native application, file and operating system interface allows for seamless usage restrictions and remote delete functionality.

crypto-easeIntroducing FinalCode CryptoEase™

Security for every shared file is the answer, but first it must be:

  • Seamless – Can be readily adopted by any user and works with users’ existing applications.
  • Easy to use – No need to remember multiple passwords and manage multiple keys.
  • Persistent – Protection follows the files wherever they go.
  • Scalable – Simple administration and nominal key management. Supports corporate policy enforcement.

FinalCode CryptoEase™ technology streamlines files security and encryption processes without requiring the user to remember passwords, and by dramatically reducing key management overhead, makes FinalCode implementation rapid and scalable. Key components of CryptoEase include:

FinalCode Server automates on boarding tasks; managing authenticated internal and external users and their devices

Cryptographic keys and file entitlements are securely managed by the FinalCode Server. Encryption/Decryption performed locally, per file.

FinalCode access, usage, traceability and deletion control capabilities remain active wherever files go.

Take The Next Step

With FinalCode, your employees can share confidential files internally and externally with confidence, knowing that unauthorized recipients will not have access. Better yet, your company can rapidly implement strong file encryption, usage control and auditing capability in a way that preserves user experience and your investment. An easy, flexible and rapidly deployable approach to file security that leverages your existing file share, enterprise content management, cloud storage and collaboration platforms.

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