What is FinalCode?

Enterprise-grade File Security That Is Easy, Scalable and Persistent

finalcode-iconFinalCode makes implementing enterprise-grade file encryption and granular usage control easy, manageable and in a way that provides persistent protection of files wherever they go. By providing file security management, not file storage, distribution or content management, FinalCode allows for rapid and flexible deployment.  This patented approach preserves user work flows, file storage and collaboration platform investments, while protecting files across all communication channels: trusted, untrusted, private or public.

Sensitive and confidential files are often shared within the organization and outside an organization. Within a network file store or enterprise content management system, or outside a network through cloud file storage and collaboration containers, files are secure. But once they are on a local device, removed from the repository or container, file security and traceability is lost. This file data leakage risk exists for authorized and unauthorized recipients. Beyond the constant threat of hackers and malware, files containing proprietary and regulated data are often exposed by inadvertent emails, lost portable storage devices, unsanctioned application use and undocumented transfers of files.

Delivered as a SaaS or on premise virtual appliance, FinalCode serves as both first and last line of file collaboration defense by combining access and usage control with persistent protection:  seamless AES-256 encryption, granular permission sets, corporate and user policy templates, file lifecycle activity analytics, dynamic policy modification, and even the ability to remotely delete files after they have been shared. More so, the approach is so intuitive and open that it does not impact user experience nor impede.


Powerful Security

FIPS-certified AES-256 encryption, standards-based key management, secure key server and global user access management system, and persistent protection with application whitelisting and remote file delete



Readily works with users, devices, popular applications, file storage and enterprise and cloud-based content management systems, and across all communication channels: trusted, untrusted, private or public


Full Control

Granular file permission and protection settings by owner or through enterprise policy templates: authorized users, opens, copy, paste, edit, save, share, print, screen capture, revoke, and delete



Comprehensive auditing, pattern tracking, notification and governance across the file usage lifecycle with the means to modify policy settings on-demand or via recipient request


Authentication through user- and system-bound token, or single sign-on via Windows Active Directory or SAML 2.0. Dynamic provisioning through email, Windows AD and SAML 2.0.


Rapid Deployment

Automated on boarding for internal and external users. Lightweight FinalCode Client. Scalable cloud or on premise virtual appliance for organizations of any size.

Take The Next Step

With FinalCode, your employees can share confidential files internally and externally with confidence, knowing that unauthorized recipients will not have access. Better yet, your company can rapidly implement strong file encryption, usage control and auditing capability in a way that preserves user experience and your investment. An easy, flexible and rapidly deployable approach to file security that leverages your existing file share, enterprise content management, cloud storage and collaboration platforms.

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