New FinalCode Express Edition

FinalCode Express Edition, a new product version that significantly lowers the hurdle for enterprises to implement basic file security—while offering the flexibility to configure advanced feature add-ons, depending on the organization’s specific needs.

How FinalCode Express Edition Works

FinalCode’s persistent file security solution is designed to enable businesses to easily protect shared sensitive files wherever they go within and outside their organization.
FinalCode lets file owners designate who, what, when, how and more with regard to file access, track usage, change permissions and even delete files wherever they are.
Since its launch in January 2016, FinalCode Ver. 5 has been recognized by many organizations worldwide as the final data leakage frontier. Now FinalCode introduces Express Edition, making it even easier for enterprises to implement basic file security with the flexibility to add seven individually-priced features based on the specific needs of the organization.

Base Plan

FinalCode Express Edition Base Plan

FinalCode Express Edition Base Plan allows enterprises to implement basic information rights management (IRM) for protecting sensitive data in the organization. The Base Plan includes features such as granular IRM file entitlement; dynamic IRM policy modification; comprehensive file control; full lifecycle auditing; local folder auto-secure; and Active Directory (AD) support.
Available as SaaS or virtual appliance for easy and rapid deployment.

Optional Features

Network Folder Security

Automatically secure files in network folders

Auto/Remote Delete and Notification

Deny access, delete file and notify file owner in an event of unauthorized access

Large Deployment

Enhanced IRM control and management for large deployment. Includes increased permission sets per file; increased recipients per permission set; hierarchical management; user type customization; syslog; Key Management Service (KMS); IP/device access control; API

Box Integration

Add FinalCode security to files in the Box repository. Synchronize Box collaborator settings to access permissions of the files for easy and secure distribution outside Box

CAD Security

Secure CAD files for Autodesk AutoCAD and DASSAULT SYSTEMES SolidWorks

Offline View

Extend FinalCode protection for offline view


Development tool kit to integrate FinalCode functionalities into other systems

Take The Next Step

With FinalCode, your employees can share confidential files internally and externally with confidence, knowing that unauthorized recipients will not have access. Better yet, your company can rapidly implement strong file encryption, usage control and auditing capability in a way that preserves user experience and your investment. An easy, flexible and rapidly deployable approach to file security that leverages your existing file share, enterprise content management, cloud storage and collaboration platforms.

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