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Protect Customer Data and Prevent Security Breaches with Persistent File Security

Information and data protection has never been more crucial in the financial world. As hackers become more sophisticated and online fraud increases, financial institutions are increasingly challenged to keep customer data safe. As consumers and remote staff increasingly use personal mobile and storage devices, they also introduce unauthorized disclosure risks.

More so, evolving local and global standards to comply with industry and regulated data protection specifications, such as PCI-DSS, SB-1386 GLBA, FINRA and EU Director on Privacy and Electronic communications, require due care with personal identifiable information (PII) and financial records.
And as more consumers play an active role in managing their own finances, they also need the assurance that their privacy and sensitive information is protected.

Unfortunately, the majority of files that are send, stored and shared outside of company firewalls aren’t able to be effectively monitored and secured, which can expose sensitive and regulated financial and personally identifiable information. How can you ensure only authorized users access shared files, and at the same time, take advantage of data breach notification safe harbor by ensuring the encryption and controlled access to these files?

FinalCode Solution

This provides added file defenses not only for files shared internally, but for files shared with credit and payment processing partners, parties conducting sensitive business transactions, and files shared with customers. Whether accessing customer credit reports, personal finance reports and authorizations, corporate loan information or profit and loss statements, file security controls remain active and can be dynamically updated as business needs evolve.

  • Share sensitive information internally and with third parties with confidence.
  • Keep sensitive files secure at all times with pre-defined usage permission settings.
  • Reduce the risk of data theft with strong, 256-bit AES file encryption.
  • Delete files remotely in the event a file is shared with an authorized user.
  • Supports industry and government regulation such as PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA and FINRA
  • Reduce security breaches and negate public breach notification by ensuring encryption of sensitive, shared files
  • Provide secure shared file access to employees, customers and auditors.
  • Low total cost of ownership as the solution can be easily implemented by department, division or application.

FinalCode’s enterprise-grade security is also easy to deploy. Set up can take a few hours for one department or up to a few days for multiple offices or branches. It’s also a highly flexible platform, compatible with multiple applications, content management and file storage systems so it’s readily adaptable to any infrastructure or environment.

Why leave your customers’ account, credit, authorizations, corporate, or other confidential information to exposed to potential unauthorized access or hacker / malware exfiltration? Persistent file security can be simple and seamless when you have complete and flexible control. FinalCode makes it all possible so you can keep your customers’ hard-earned trust and preserve your reputation.

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