Secure External Sharing

In today’s collaborative, “always on” environment, file sharing across multiple networks and devices is pivotal to any organization’s success. But once a file leaves your protected network, there’s no control over its use. FinalCode secures a file with strong encryption and usage control the moment it’s destined to be shared; this security remains persistent across all communication channels: trusted, untrusted, private or public. No matter where or through which method the file is sent and stored, FinalCode’s file protection ensures secure sharing both internally and externally. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

ECM and Cloud File Security

Popular cloud collaboration and storage solutions like Box and Dropbox are easy to use and manage. But although they may promise the privacy of your information and give you control over who can view it, they can’t guarantee that your content once received by an authorized recipient remains secure after the file has left the repository or cloud application container. FinalCode’s persistent file security follows each file wherever it goes to keep it protected even outside of your organization’s information repositories. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Internal File Protection

Information meant only for internal use can sometimes end up in the wrong hands. FinalCode allows an organization and file creator to restrict who can access files, how and for how long with preset permissions you control even after distribution. No matter where your files reside or how they’re circulated, only those authorized users and devices can access them. Best yet, unauthorized access attempts and unsanctioned use can automatically trigger remote file deletion. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Data Leakage Prevention

Designs, customer data, videos and contracts are at risk from unauthorized access, theft and cyber espionage. Because FinalCode encrypts files and sets permissions for specific use (open, edit, save, share, print, screen shot, revoke, remote delete), it helps prevent leakage the moment a file is to be shared. Should an unauthorized user attempt to access a file, FinalCode will automatically deny access and delete the file. What you get is persistent data protection, inside and outside of your organization. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Intellectual Property Protection

Your designs, trade secrets and ideas are highly valuable. In manufacturing, high tech, construction, media and legal and other IP-centric environments, sharing of confidential information is a business necessity. FinalCode’s persistent file security protects your ideas, negotiations, CAD designs and other sensitive from unauthorized access and use, inside and outside of your organization. Share your files with greater confidence and strong protection, and without hindering the collaborative process. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

BYOD Content Delivery

Today’s connected employees work from home, the office or on-the-go and as such, expect access to company information at all times. But access and usage to files containing sensitive and confidential files should not be without appropriate controls. FinalCode is infrastructure, application and device agnostic, so content, regardless of how file are shard, they can remain secured on corporate provisioned or personal mobile devices. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Supply Chain Communications

Manufacturing, retail, construction, health and life science environments produce and share a high volume of files that often contain sensitive, confidential and regulated data. As such, security measures should be taken to ensure that these files remain protected and can not be exposed to unauthorized users. FinalCode lets organizations and file creators easily set file access and usage policy, track files activity, and adjust policy for recipients inside and outside the organization. Should a file be forwarded by mistake or shared without authorization, the file creator can delete the file remotely, ensuring any confidential or restricted information remains secure. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Regulated File Security and Governance

FinalCode allows policy-based application of strong encryption and usage permissions to files containing regulated data that is intended to be shared. Organizations and file owners retain control over the files even after they have been shared inside or outside the organization, and can modify or revoke access at any time. Not only are controls persistent, but security and usage activity is recorded. By applying file encryption and usage controls, organizations can fortify their data leakage prevention programs and take advantage of privacy data breach notification safe harbor. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Board, Audit and Legal Content Control

During board, auditing or legal proceedings, you need to balance the required sharing of information access with the protection of that information. FinalCode allows corporate management and counsel to readily distribute sensitive and business confidential files and ensure only appropriate access and use are maintained. Officers can receive information and be provided a window to time to view or annotate the content where by file activity is recorded. And if a file is ever send to the wrong recipient or forwarded to an unauthorized user, the owner of the file can delete it remotely. This level of control ensures the confidentiality of your restricted information. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Deal Protection: Proposal, Bidding, Pricing and Contract

Once a file leave your network, a rate sheet, bids, contract or pricing structures, they can’t be controlled. FinalCode is your file’s permanent security escort; the moment your document is shared, it’s accessible only to authorized users where by access and usage is tracked. You can set usage permissions, including the length of time a user can access your documents, so once a bid expires, it’s no longer available to the user. There’s no easier, more convenient and extensible way to ensure these sensitive documents get to the intended user’s hands, and not in your competitor’s. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Customer Data Protection

Your customers trust you with their information and law requires the protection of personal identifiable information (PII). But with increasingly sophisticated hackers and data breaches on the rise, organizations are at a constant risk of unauthorized file assess and data disclosure. FinalCode helps businesses like yours stay proactive. Our patented technology offers persistent file security from the moment a document leaves your network – supporting internal and third-party processing of files containing PII. This means your customer information stays protected, even if obtained by an unauthorized user or infiltrated by hackers. What better way to keep your hard-earned customers’ loyalty and your reputation intact than by keeping their personal information secure? Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

HR File Protection

Today’s working environment is more dynamic than ever. Between full-time and remote employees, temporary workers and contractors, there’s no limit to the volume or variety of sensitive information being shared. Whether you’re hiring, on-boarding, terminating, facilitating benefits and bonuses, conducting assessments or reorganizing, personal and corporate data should be protected at all times. FinalCode allows organizations and departments to have complete control over sensitive files. You simply set recipients and usage permissions to ensure that only those authorized users can access files so that contracts, payroll and benefit information, taxes and personal employee files never end up on the wrong hands. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Time-Sensitive File Access

Need a time limit on access to your bids, contracts, offers or designs? FinalCode makes it easy. Simply select your recipients and set usage permissions, include length of time you want them to have access to the file. When the time is up, the system automatically revokes access and can delete the file. It’s that simple. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Third-party Data Processing

Sharing files externally, such as with financial and insurance processing or project management, can pose great risk if your files aren’t properly protected. FinalCode’s persistent file security adds a continuous layer of protection to the file wherever it goes. Even if an unauthorized user receives the file, they will never get access to the data because the restrictions set by the organization or file creator will automatically deny them access, even outside your firewall. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Confidential Information Dissemination

FinalCode lets you control how you share confidential information internally or with third parties. By applying strong encryption and setting usage rights to files when they’re to be shared, it strictly limits how your documents are disseminated, keeping them protected from unauthorized disclosure. Trade secrets, processes, activities, projects and other confidential information remain secure inside and outside of your organization and operating environment. Since setting up external users is fast and easy, sharing sensitive files can be expedited. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Project Collaboration

Collaborating with colleagues and external teams has never been easier. But increased sharing also means more documents floating in and out of your network and control. FinalCode allows you to share documents with any authorized user in real-time and across multiple devices in confidence. Share timelines and work back schedules; share ideas, drafts and designs at any stage; keep the latest versions of any document secure. With FinalCode, you can designate who can access and edit files and ensure content can only stay with the FinalCode-secured file and be made available to intended recipients. Fully protect all files within you collaboration efforts from start to finish. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up

Secure Data Room / Virtual Deal Space

Virtual data rooms can certainly enable internal users, executives, consultants and counterparties an online means to organize and share confidential documents. But as participants pull critical business models, proposals, deal structures, offers, diligence materials, designs, IP and trades secrets and other business sensitive files from the virtual data room, that where controls breaks down. Who else could access these files and where do these sensitive documents go after they are pulled from the repository and container? More so, can authorized participants easily work with different documents such as with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat, CAD files and media files in a secure way outside of the repository. In a world where files may be hacked, stolen, lost or backed up, solely using legal file disclosure restrictions and destruction mandates are not enough.

Today’s environment of dynamic and global deal making involves a broader set of specialized participants who require more timely access and use of files to support due diligence, analysis and transactions. How can regulaled information, M&A proceedings, agreements and other highly sensitive transactions take more secure advantage of modern collaboration methods. FinalCode extends your Virtual Deal Space, allowing you and other collaborators to apply persistent security to files being shared internally and externally. The platform offers a point and click permission setting: recipients and groups, access duration, editing and annotation only within the secured document, and more. FinalCode allows the recipient to work in the application they are accustomed to. FinalCode takes file governance and file destruction to the next level with the ability to track file access, unauthorized access and usage parameters, as well as offering the means to remotely delete files on demand, according to duration or on unauthorized access attempt. Best of all, you, your colleagues and counterparts can use it with your existing collaboration environments from email to cloud file sharing solutions. Upgrade you secure data room and conduct deal activity with greater confidentiality assurance. Contact us today for a test drive. arrow-up