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  • File Data Leakage a Growing Threat: Survey

    Credit Union TimesRoy Urrico|Sep 29, 2015

    “The development of industry and government compliance mandates toward data security, and protection of personally identifiable information, have encouraged companies to take action and investigate how to extend policies, processes and controls to protect sensitive file information inside and outside an organization.”

  • IT Decision Makers Plan to Improve File Security with Investments in Technology, Training: Report

    The WHIRChris Burt |Sep 29, 2015

    “Less than one in five information security decision makers for medium and large enterprises feel highly confident in their file security investments… survey findings clearly show a gap between file security policies and practices and the efficacy of technical controls in place.”

  • Report: ?Significant Concern Over Risk of Data Leakage

    InfosecurityTara Seals|Sep 29, 2015

    “The growth of cloud and mobile computing has boosted the ease at which files can be shared.?And no wonder that all organizations surveyed,?across IT, security?and line of business roles, are concerned about file data leakage risks, and 75% expressed very high to high concerns.”

  • Report: Significant Concern Over Risk of Data Leakage

    Manufacturing Business TechnologyJon Minnick|Sep 29, 2015

    “While policy development and legal enforcement are foundational file security defenses, organizations plan to increase user awareness training and purchase additional security technology.”

  • Former CVS Employee Steals Monina Healthcare Members’ PHI

    eSecurity PlanetJeff Goldman|Sep 23, 2015

    “Given HIPAA and HITECH privacy regulations concerning the protection of PII (personal identifiable information) and ePHI (electronic patient health information), care providers, insurers and retailers need to rethink how they are securing data while advancing the necessary and timely access to medical records.”

  • FinalCode Secures Docs with File Encryption Software

    TechTarget Ramin Edmond|Sep 15, 2015

    “The key issue we’re dealing with is you have all this collaboration and data sharing going on right now. This type of a technology gives the business a better ability to better manage the data proactively. His company is testing FinalCode and, so far, they’ve determined it’s easy to use without additional IT staff.”

  • Experian, T-Mobile breach exposes 15 million customers, but what will happen to the data

    Secure Computing MagazineDoug Olenick|Sep 2, 2015

    “It’s become commonplace to offer credit monitoring to victims of a data privacy breach… the information taken will be used for a possibly even darker purpose.”

  • Report: IT’s Faith in Ability to Protect Data is Abysmal

    FierceContentManagement Lisa Hoover McGreevy|Sep 1, 2015

    “Despite the need and heightened interest in the EFSS platforms, more than 90 percent of respondents stated the lack of protection of files leaving cloud-based platforms or device containers as the highest risk to adopting cloud-based file storage and collaboration services.

  • 84% of Managers Don’t Trust Current Security Tools to Keep Sensitive Files Safe

    Softpedia Catalin Cimpanu|Aug 29, 2015

    “As we moved towards managing everything using our electronic devices, file security has become of utmost importance for everyone involved. ?Managers plan to make technology investments to boost their company’s security tech portfolio… most survey participants have said they will invest in file encryption and usage control software.”

  • FinalCode 2015 Emerging Vendor

    CRNRichard Whiting|Aug 21, 2015

    “Since the solution interoperates with an organization’s existing enterprise content management, cloud-based file storage and collaboration systems, FinalCode provides channel partners the opportunity to benefit from data security purchase trends and re-engage with customers to examine data leakage programs and extend file access and entitlement controls.”


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