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  • Cloud File Sharing Pandora’s Box

    Government Security NewsScott Gordon|Aug 21, 2015

    “Moving to cloud-based enterprise content management systems offers great benefit, but with that comes inherent risks… since agencies can not hold back the tide or advancement in file collaboration, they will need to examine the potential consequences of data leakage given the ease at which files can be shared and data can be exposed…”

  • DRM Could Be Making A Comeback In The Enterprise

    CSO Magazine Maria Korolov|Aug 21, 2015

    “Renewed interest in cyber security, increased compliance requirements and significant advances in usability and pricing models, enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) has a new opportunity to make its mark… Companies like FinalCode that protect data at the file and operating system level are in a good place right now.”

  • FinalCode Keeps Files Safe Wherever They Go

    Network World Tim Greene|Jul 22, 2015

    “Platform as software entirely under control of the customer or as a service in which FinalCode handles the server side. That is a big advantage for businesses that want this type of protection but don’t want to deal with the key management and infrastructure… companies that already make use of document-sharing services like DropBox can still use them but add FinalCode’s layer of security over the files.”

  • Retailers’ Data Under Siege … Again

    Total RetailScott Gordon|Jul 13, 2015

    “W-2 document security was a problem across every industry. Hackers use information in the stolen tax forms such as social security numbers, income and withholding to file fraudulent tax returns with the IRS. The odds favor the hackers. According to the IRS, this crime worked 22 percent of the time and resulted in more than 100,000 successful e-file PIN creations out of about 500,000 stolen documents…Emerging file security solutions aimed at reducing data leakage risks caused by mistakes ? e.g., the W-2 document phishing scams ? or through collaboration apply strong encryption and usage controls that persist as files traverse to various external users, networks and devices. Past information rights management (IRM) solutions were costly, often tied to specific applications or infrastructure and cumbersome for IT and departmental users alike. While these IRM solutions worked well internally, they were especially challenging to enforce for users outside the organization.”

  • Under Attack: Arm Yourself Against Hackers

    Managed Healthcare Executive Judy Packer-Tursman|Jul 7, 2015

    “Given the broad mix of users, devices and applications in the healthcare industry, it’s a challenge to create an encompassing data protection policy and have sufficient technical control over it… FinalCode’s product protects sensitive files’ confidentiality, extending controls over shared files… required in a healthcare environment…”

  • FinalCode Secures Enterprise File Sharing for Pioneer

    InfoTech SpotlightEric Ogren|Jun 10, 2015

    “FinalCode is impressive in its ability to cryptographically secure sensitive files and apply a broad set of entitlement controls inside the network and on remote devices while allowing the customer maximum freedom in its choices of enterprise content management, cloud storage and collaboration system.”

  • How To Protect Sensitive Files While Making Them Available For Sharing And Collaboration

    NetworkWorld Linda Musthaler|Jun 4, 2015

    “Protecting files that contain sensitive information, while still making them available for collaborative use, continues to be a challenge today… (FinalCode) solve the file security and data leakage dilemma with an easy to use yet strong encryption solution that gives users broad entitlement control.”

  • Bring Your Own Collaboration

    ComputerWeekly Robert Banforth|Jun 1, 2015

    “Following the rise of BYOD, IT departments face a new challenge in controlling their organization’s digital assets…. One approach is to focus purely on the content, rather than where it is stored. FinalCode offers a system that encrypts files and uses a centralized means of control to command what recipients can do with the file ? whether this be copy and paste, print, forward and so on.”

  • Gift Card Data Breach Underscores Need to Address Insider Threats

    Solution Providers for RetailJennifer Bosavage|Jun 1, 2015

    “(the exposure) could potentially have prevented ? or at least lessened the impact of ? this accidental data leak, by remotely deleting the emailed file… reminds us that protecting yourself from human error is just as important as protecting yourself from hackers and malware.”

  • Email data breach costs $13 million

    Credit Union TimesRoy Urrico|Jun 1, 2015

    “Securing your network is one thing. Keeping your files secure outside that network is quite another. Security can follow a file wherever it goes… FinalCode could have prevented this accidental data leak by remotely deleting the emailed file.”


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