News Coverage

  • Peerlyst Community TV Episode2: Best Practices for Sharing Files

    PeerlystFrank Ohlhorst|May 8, 2015

    “FinalCode’s Director of Product Management, Naotaka Honzawa, talks with Frank Ohlhorst about best practices of secure file sharing.”

  • FinalCode Launches in the U.S. to Protect Files

    eWEEKSean Kerner|Apr 16, 2015

    “‘Attacking and solving the data leakage dilemma. Persistence across multiple platforms is a key capability of FinalCode. In addition, the FinalCode platform works on top of existing enterprise applications and platforms… So if you’re using Dropbox or Box, we just make those solutions more secure.”

  • Gord Boyce, People on the Move

    Silicon Valley Business Journal|Apr 15, 2015

    “Gord Boyce was named CEO & board member of FinalCode, drawing upon more than 20 years of tech industry experience, to bring the company’s flexible & proven file security platform to the global market for SMBs, government agencies and enterprises.”

  • FinalCode rolls out enterprise-level file collaboration package

    FierceContentManagementLisa McGreevy|Apr 15, 2015

    “FinalCode is an interesting new player in the enterprise file security space, which has historically been plagued with challenges as companies try to stay one step ahead of potential breaches or data loss…. keeping corporate documents safe in the age of BYOD, hacking and a plethora of other data leakage issues.”

  • Our Connected World Needs File Security More Than Ever

    Tech CocktailWill Schmidt|Apr 14, 2015

    “Nearly 305 million records have been leaked in the US in the past five years due to unintended disclosure, hacking, malware, and lost or discarded mobile and stationary computing devices. (FinalCode) ensures sensitive information remains protected on devices, content management systems, cloud storage, and collaboration channels.”

  • FinalCode Gives End Users Ultimate Control Over Files

    IT Business Edge Mike Vizard |Apr 14, 2015

    “Looking to give both end users and IT organizations control over files no matter where they are sent, FinalCode today announced the general availability of software?that allows organizations to not only attach permissions to a file, but also delete them whenever necessary regardless of where they are or who has possession of them. If organizations want to hold end users more accountable for security, they need to provide a way to enable them to apply and enforce security policies that doesn’t require constant supervision of every file by the already overtaxed IT organization.”

  • logo-crn Security Startup FinalCode Emerges From Stealth

    CRNSarah Kuranda|Apr 14, 2015

    “File encryption is especially important in the wake of recent headline-grabbing breaches, such as at Sony, Anthem Insurance and more, that could have been prevented or lessened by file-encryption technology…[FinalCode] works by defining the file security settings of each file and recipient, then encrypts the file and ‘follows it until its death’ using the FinalCode client…The encryption works both inside and outside of popular file-sharing tools such as Dropbox and Box.”

  • FinalCode Gives Enterprises Secure File Collaboration–Existential Questions Remain

    ForbesBen Kepes|Apr 14, 2015

    “As more and more organizations take advantage of cloud-based file sharing and collaboration, there is a corresponding increase in the demand to ensure that data which is shared in this manner is kept safe at all times. The (FinalCode) platform covers encryption, permissioning, tracking and remote deletion of different file types. As such it can be seen as a security wrapper that covers the multitude of applications and file types in use within an enterprise. That said, FinalCode looks like a good addition to the ranks of these vendors.”

  • New Products of the Week

    Network World Brandon Butler |Apr 13, 2015

    “FinalCode persistently protects sensitive files wherever they go with encryption and granular usage controls including remote deletion that seamlessly works with any application, content management system, cloud storage and collaboration channel.”

  • New FinalCode file security platform boosts encryption, usage controls for enterprises

    Computer Technology ReviewAnna Ribeiro|Apr 5, 2015

    “(FinalCode) key management and file usage controls are kept in a secure SaaS or on-premise virtual server, while file encryption performed locally on the file owner’s device and decryption is performed locally on the recipient’s device. This is clever in that the approach allows enterprises to layer the security on top of existing email, storage and collaboration tools, which fail to secure the file outside of their container. These would include SharePoint, Documentum, Dropbox, even BitTorrent.”


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