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  • On the Radar: FinalCode addresses persistent file security challenges for the enterprise

    |Sep 25, 2016

    “FinalCode offers a persistent and flexible approach to file protection… available as a virtual appliance for on-premise implementation and can also be deployed as a cloud-based, SaaS offering, and now as an add-on security tool for Box.”

  • Updated DRM platform helps protect sensitive enterprise data

    Beta News Ian Barker |Sep 25, 2016

    “File security specialist FinalCode is launching a new version of its DRM platform to help businesses secure data both inside and outside the organization… strong encryption, entitlement settings and traceability controls with the ability to remotely delete files even after they have been shared.”

  • 101: How FinalCode Offers Enterprises Secure File Collaboration

    “The Tech Blog Writer Podcast” Startup StoriesNeil Hughes|Sep 25, 2016

    “FinalCode, is a global file security platform provider that has recently joined IBM’s PartnerWorld program and was also recently named a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner. Companies face the monumental challenge of establishing strong and persistent file protection to ensure sensitive corporate information remains protected. Even with massive investments in network security and data leakage prevention systems, leading companies lose sensitive files regularly… I invited Scott Gordon, chief operating officer of FinalCode onto the show to explain more about the five-step process and find out more about what services they offer.”

  • Security Startup FinalCode Tackles The Big File Sharing Problem With Help From Channel

    CRNSarah Kuranda|Sep 20, 2016

    “San Jose, Calif.-based security startup FinalCode continues to invest in its young channel program, focusing on security resellers and enterprise content management resellers… Through FinalCode’s solution, users can maintain control of shared files. Gordon said the solution is an easy pitch for solution providers who want to re-engage and extend their data portfolios.”

  • FinalCode ? Easy, Scalable And Persistent Enterprise-Grade File Security

    SuperbCrewMilan Apostolic|Sep 13, 2016

    “Companies have applied layered defenses to protect data by placing access restrictions and other controls to information held in network resources, databases and content management systems. But file collaboration security has been a huge issue for enterprises. IT staff are being asked where business data may be vulnerable ? guess what, it’s with files. Sensitive files left on insecure devices, emailed, put in mobile applications or sent through the cloud. Business-critical files send to contractors, business prospects or taken by ex-employees. FinalCode makes a great choice for business looking to lock down sensitive files being shared.”

  • Best Practices for Ensuring File Security at Your Firm

    Accounting TechnologyScott Gordon|Sep 8, 2016

    “As evidenced by these breaches, professional services providers work in a highly connected world where sharing files and collaborating online is the norm. Professional services organizations may have content management, email security and mobile management in place, but these controls often don’t apply after files traverse the firewall to external networks, users and devices, which can expose sensitive customer and internal information.”

  • DLT Form Public Sector Partnership

    CivSourceStaff|Sep 8, 2016

    “At the end of August, the company (DLT Solutions) announced it would be working with FinalCode, a provider of file security software to bring FinalCode’s file-centric Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution to the public sector. The platform employs FinalCode’s standards-based cryptographic module which is currently in process for FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification by NIST.”

  • Combating File Sharing Data Leakage, Part II

    Computer Technology ReviewScott Gordon|Sep 2, 2016

    “Ultimately, an organization would apply a set of controls based on sensitive file types and business transactions depending on business requisites, resources, cost, impact, practicality and risk appetite.”

  • FinalCode appoints new MD for Europe, opens HQ in London

    TechseenMrunmayi Sapatnekar|Sep 1, 2016

    “With its vision of expansion, FinalCode recently announced a new partnership with DLT Solutions in order to bring file sharing and collaboration security to the public sector… ?joined IBM partner program in August this year… opened up its new regional headquarters in London.”

  • FinalCode opens new London office; Jo Below appointed as managing director, Europe

    SC MagazineDanielle Correa|Sep 1, 2016

    “FinalCode has announced the opening of a new regional headquarters to be based in London. The company also appointed Jo Below as managing director, Europe… Below, having sales leadership and defence industry knowledge, brings years of experience in enterprise content management, security and encryption to his new role.”


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