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  • 5 Channel Partner Updates: 10 August 2016

    Channele2eJoe Panettieri|Aug 10, 2016

    “FinalCode,?which offers?persistent file security, has joined the IBM PartnerWorld program and has received IBM Business Partner designation. FinalCode also works with IBM’s?enterprise content management (ECM) portfolio.”

  • Hackers Have Designs On Your IP: Here’s How You Stop Them Anywhere, Anytime

    Manufacturing Business TechnologyScott Gordon|Aug 9, 2016

    “As recent events show, manufacturers’ design secrets and money have not been immune from the onslaught of high profile data breaches. Collaboration across the global supply chain represents a big risk to U.S. firms. Theft of intellectual property by hackers associated with foreign governments totaled hundreds of billions of dollars in 2015, according to the FBI. One in five manufacturing firms reported a loss of intellectual property in a cyberattack in the past year.”

  • Central Ohio Urology Group Hacked; 223GB of Crucial Data Leaked

    HackreadWaqas Amir|Aug 3, 2016

    “A group of Ukrainian hackers going by the handle of Pravyy Sector has contacted HackRead with a data breach?and it’s shockingly massive… invoking available encryption and usage control on files such as the more than 100,000 exposed Microsoft and Adobe documents in the Ohio breach, would have secured this regulated data and enabled breach disclosure safe harbors.”

  • Hacker Steals 100,000 Docs from Ohio Heath System

    InfosecurityMichael Hill|Aug 3, 2016

    “A Ukrainian hacker has claimed responsibility for pinching more than 100,000 internal documents from an Ohio-based health system… second-largest healthcare system in the state… The breach illustrates how healthcare system file collaboration has become the new data leakage frontier.”

  • In the Breach War, File Protection Is Just as Important as Data

    PaymentsSourceScott Gordon|Jul 18, 2016

    “How can financial services firms ensure only authorized users access shared files, and at the same time, take advantage of data breach notification safe harbor by ensuring the encryption and controlled access to these files? Emerging file security solutions aimed at reducing file mishandling and collaboration data leakage risks address this gap with strong file encryption and usage controls that, once applied, persist for the life of the file, including after it traverses to various networks, recipients and devices.”

  • Retailers’ Data Under Siege … Again

    DealerscopeScott Gordon|Jul 14, 2016

    “Emerging file security solutions aimed at reducing data leakage risks caused by mistakes ? e.g., the W-2 document phishing scams ? or through collaboration apply strong encryption and usage controls that persist as files traverse to various external users, networks and devices. Past information rights management (IRM) solutions were costly, often tied to specific applications or infrastructure and cumbersome for IT and departmental users alike.”

  • Take control of healthcare identity protection and information sharing

    Becker’s Health IT & CIO ReviewScott Gordon|Jun 29, 2016

    “Like their peers in other industries, healthcare and life sciences organizations find collaboration is risky but necessary. Much of the collaboration problem lies in inadequate controls after files cross the firewall where internal content management, DLP and other point solutions no longer apply… many healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations have taken advantage of emerging file security solutions to reduce these data leakage risks by addressing this gap with strong file encryption and usage controls that, once applied, persist for the life of the file.”

  • Google suffers minor breach when third-party vendor accidentally exposes employee information

    Security Brief AUSara Barker|May 16, 2016

    “Although the email contained private information including social security numbers, this mistake was not intended to damage Google or its employees… Such a slipup highlights the importance of company security, file encryption and data protection, even in the case of mistaken activity.”

  • Google insider data breach exposed employee personal info

    SearchSecurityPeter Loshin|May 13, 2016

    “The damage from the insider data breach could have been much worse. With all of the layers of security available, organizations like the benefits vendor have no excuse when it comes to preventing data leakage of customer information or intellectual property. Once unencrypted data is out there, it’s out there. Organizations should foresee this occurring and apply file security and policies beforehand.”

  • UAE InvestBank hacked, nearly 100k recycled data records leaked?

    SC MagazineDanielle Correa|May 11, 2016

    “Whether the criminals plan to use the customer and employee credit card, bank statement, passport, ID and insurance card details they leaked for fraud or not, the fact that this sensitive information is now available online is disturbing.”


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