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  • What Banks Can Learn from the FDIC Data Breach

    Network WorldRyan Francis|Apr 14, 2016

    “Network World’s weekly roundup of intriguing new products: FinalCode for Box allows for the management and control of viewing or editing file permissions outside the Box container by invoking the FinalCode controls directly within the Box interface.”

  • What Banks Can Learn from the FDIC Data Breach

    American BankerPenny Crosman|Apr 14, 2016

    “Another option is digital rights management software, which restricts who can do what with files inside and outside a company’s network… have the ability to delete that information even after it’s left your organization.”

  • FDIC Breach Exposes Bank Customer Data

    Credit Union TimesRoy Urrico|Apr 12, 2016

    “The FDIC detected and quickly moved to mitigate a breach of 44,000 customer records… Securing sensitive information at the file level is the best way to define individual access permission and ensures that you can maintain control over your data everywhere it travels… once unencrypted data is out there, it’s out there. Organizations should foresee this occurring and apply file security and policies beforehand.”

  • FinalCode Enhances File Collaboration Security for Pasona N A

    Digital EnterpriseBojan Simic|Apr 10, 2016

    “Pasona’s project was to enhance protection of files containing business sensitive and regulated data was to choose a tool that was easy to administer, scalable and utmost provided ease of use for their internal and external users… the level of file security FinalCode provided allows Pasona NA to alleviate the real data protection concerns of their shareholders, customers and prospects.”

  • FinalCode Enhances File Collaboration Security for Pasona N A

    Corporate Tech DecisionsJonathan Blackwood |Apr 1, 2016

    “Pasona’s director of professional services wanted to enhance security capabilities for file collaboration which represents a good part of their business. ?She wanted to achieve this in a way that would be cost-effective and also have broad application. (FinalCode) offered greater flexibility for implementation and use, with broader and more effective defenses than competing solutions.”

  • Safe passage: Case study

    SC MagazineGreg Masters|Apr 1, 2016

    “Cloud file-sharing products were very useful, but still did not offer data protection outside their application, so an authorized end-user receiving a file would have the ability to share the file with others and that file could not be tracked… as a result, we could still have an exposure of sensitive information.”

  • FinalCode for Box Keeps Files Secure Outside Box Environment

    Fierce Content ManagementLisa Hoover McGreevey|Mar 25, 2016

    “FinalCode for Box is a neat pairing that plays on the strengths of both companies and delivers a way to keep documents secure once they leave the Box environment.”

  • FinalCode Enhances its Flagship Platform with Stronger File Security

    KMWorldStephanie Simone|Mar 18, 2016

    “Organizations are looking at ways to extend file security capabilities to essentially reduce data leakage risks… Enhanced administration, usability, and security controls allow users to have a wide variety of policies applied to one file, making the platform easy to use.”

  • Exposed Seagate Workers Could Face Years of Cyberattacks

    SC MagazineDoug Olenick|Mar 7, 2016

    “Electronic digital rights management could have helped… access and encryption would ensure that the file owner maintains control of the data, even after it was mistakenly sent. Certainly, the capability to remotely delete the files after they were sent would have been very useful too.”

  • Data Breaches at Cox, Mansueto Expose Employees’ Personal Info

    eSecurity PlanetJeff Goldman|Mar 4, 2016

    “When you consider how common cyberthreats are, it’s careless for any company to not encrypt Social Security numbers, financials, health insurance information and other sensitive employee or customer data that is subject to regulations… to address these evolving conditions, companies need to secure and control the data over its entire lifecycle.”


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