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  • Fast Company, Inc. Magazine Publisher Hacked

    InfoSecurity MagTara Seals|Mar 4, 2016

    “The cloud continues to transform the way that companies interact with their employees, partners, consultants and customers… companies need to secure and control the data over its entire lifecycle such a sensitive employee or customer data that is subject to regulations.”

  • FinalCode for Box Enhanced File Control, Management by Hosting Encryption, Usage Control

    Computer Technology ReviewAnna Ribeiro|Mar 3, 2016

    “Users can change, lock or revoke collaborator access and usage permission to shared BOX files and entire folders; remotely delete files on recipient’s device, on demand or on access attempt violation, even after files have been removed from Box, with security policy inheritance as files and folders move within the Box folder hierarchy.”

  • Enhanced Security Comes to the Autodesk Developer Network

    Design NewsRob Spiegel|Feb 25, 2016

    “Not everybody has joined the cloud implementation of Autodesk and sometimes you have to send files or Adobe derivatives of those files outside the Autodesk platform… FinalCode provides security as CAD files are shared among Autodesk users and beyond to their supply chain partners.”

  • New products of the week 2.22.2016

    Network WorldRyan Francis|Feb 22, 2016

    “FinalCode for CAD is an option to the FinalCode platform, allowing businesses to persistently protect Autodesk AutoCAD files and associated Acrobat files wherever they go, inside and outside the organization.”

  • FinalCode Joins Autodesk Developer Network

    Desktop EngineeringJamie Gooch|Feb 16, 2016

    “In the case of the CAD industry, sensitive files are often shared with a wide variety of recipients, increasing data leakage risks. (FinalCode)?provides an array of usage controls and auditing functions for Autodesk CAD files and Adobe Acrobat files, which are often shared between design teams.”

  • Healthcare Entities Recognize the Value of Cybersecurity

    Physicians Money DigestEd Rabinowitz|Feb 7, 2016

    “Healthcare?organizations?regularly handle some of our most sensitive data, and the ease at which this information can be externally shared or mistakenly exposed is concerning.?Appropriate content management, encryption, and usage control technologies can prevent incidents of file leakage containing health information.”

  • FinalCode: More than DRM

    SC MagazinePeter Stephenson|Feb 1, 2016

    “FinalCode ? is about as tamper-proof as you could want…?It is the evolution of early DRM tools… subscribes to a good file security lifecycle… The bottom line is that this tool works very well, is amazingly simple to deploy and use, and only the senders pay a license fee…?this will save you tons of headaches and protect your sensitive data when it is out of your immediate control.”

  • 5 Reasons VARs Should Add Secure File Sharing and Collaboration

    ITBOBSara Kuranda|Jan 27, 2016

    “There’s a new demand for bring your own collaboration (BYOC). There’s an opportunity for partners to get ahead of that trend. For partners, secure file collaboration and sharing is an easy add-on to an existing security practice… sell it alongside a data loss prevention program or a web-and-email filtering solution.”

  • FinalCode Provides More Granular Control Over Data

    IT Business EdgeMike Vizard|Jan 19, 2016

    “With the rise of mobile and cloud computing, keeping track of who is using which files, when and where, has become a compliance nightmare for most IT organizations… IT organizations have not implemented file access and control systems because they have been challenging to install. FinalCode 5 addresses that issue by focusing on making FinalCode both simple to deploy and use.”

  • FinalCode 5 Takes Aim At File Encryption Challenge

    eSecurity PlanetSean Michael Kerner|Jan 19, 2016

    “FinalCode provides additional control and management capabilities in addition to data encryption.?With FinalCode 5.0 the company is now pushing its capabilities further and improving the overall user experience… our real objective was can someone use our product and barely open up a manual.”


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