• What hack could possibly be worse than Equifax?

    finalcode-admin|Oct 18, 2017

    What hack could possibly be worse than Equifax? Equifax was the big one. Some 143 million Americans had a treasure trove of their personal data hacked, including social security numbers, addresses, birth dates – basically, the key information you need to for…
  • Keep vendor security from being risky business

    finalcode-admin|Sep 27, 2017

    Companies today are using more vendors than ever to capitalize on new business opportunities and optimize operations. In fact, the average company has 89 different vendors accessing their network every single week, finds CSO. That number will likely increase …
  • First WannaCry, now Petya: are you living in fear of ransomware?

    finalcode-admin|Sep 21, 2017

    IT directors everywhere are rethinking IT and file security after a punishing round of ransomware attacks that has felled hundreds of thousands of computers, crippled company operations around the world, and left security teams bracing for more cyberattacks. …
  • How Do You Safeguard Your Company’s Data When an Employee Leaves?

    finalcode-admin|Aug 18, 2017

    As you bid goodbye to your employee and he or she leaves, how do you ensure that your company’s data doesn’t leave with him or her? In your current exit checklist, apart from recovering the company laptop or tablet, are there any other areas that you might ha…
  • Secure Your Load: How Even Small Security Breaches Can Cost You Big Bucks

    finalcode-admin|Apr 18, 2017

    It’s the message no one wants to receive: “Your security has been breached.” This information can come in a variety of forms—perhaps via a systems notification, maybe through the discovery of a discrepancy in a dataset, or even an angry email from a compromis…
  • When Files Need to Be Deleted, Wherever You May Be

    finalcode-admin|Mar 9, 2017

    We live in an increasingly data-driven world. Insight is now powering business in ways never previously considered possible. Data stores and sources have become a kind of second currency which organisations can leverage against their competitors. Also, the co…
  • Want to Use the Cloud But Worried About Security? Here’s What You Should Do

    finalcode-admin|Jan 30, 2017

    Businesses sign up to cloud computing services for many reasons. For example, some companies lack the technical expertise to deliver secure services, so they look at cloud service providers to meet their needs. Others rely on cloud servers for backing up data…
  • What Risks You Might Face by Relying Solely on Data Encryption

    finalcode-admin|Jan 20, 2017

    Recently, encryption is being considered as one of the best solutions for securing documents against theft. While encryption does add a robust layer of security when done the right way, it is by no means bulletproof. Companies relying solely on encryption to …
  • How to Hide Information from Physical or Remote Intruders

    finalcode-admin|Jan 2, 2017

    In this age of technology, cyber security is becoming more and more important. As hackers and thieves utilize more sophisticated methods, the measures an organization takes to keep its data safe and secure must also be updated to be one step ahead of intruder…


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