• 100k+ MS & Adobe files stolen in Ohio breach – If Only Persistent File Security Controls Were Applied

    finalcode-admin|Aug 5, 2016

    Healthcare organizations are prime targets for hackers and ensuring adequate protection of sensitive information across data types, users and systems is paramount. The reported breach – – illustrates how healthcare system file collaboration has become the new data leakage frontier. Lee Johnson of Cyber War News found a serious exposure of files containing health reimbursement and insurance related information from an enterprise document management system owned by large Ohio-based healthcare provider. Given HIPAA and HITECH legislation, healthcare providers and processors need to assume these incidents will occur. A proactive stance, invoking available encryption, access and usage controls on files, such as the more than 100,000 Microsoft and Adobe documents exposed in the Ohio breach, would have secured this regulated data and enabled breach disclosure safe harbors. As the healthcare and life sciences industry embraces file sharing, mobile and cloud content management, they must consider next-gen file security including file-based digital rights management solutions such as FinalCode.

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