• What hack could possibly be worse than Equifax?

    finalcode-admin|Oct 18, 2017

    What hack could possibly be worse than Equifax?

    Equifax was the big one. Some 143 million Americans had a treasure trove of their personal data hacked, including social security numbers, addresses, birth dates – basically, the key information you need to forge individuals’ identity. However, then Yahoo revealed that 3 billion user identities were exposed, not 1 billion as the company previously stated.

    What could possibly be worse than Equifax and Yahoo?

    This week we learned that South Korea had its “war games” data stolen from its defense ministry database. That means that unpredictable North Korea leader Kim Jong Un now knows exactly how the South Korean military planned to neutralize him and other leaders, and what the country would do if North Korea moved aggressively against it.

    The Equifax and Yahoo hacks were bad. However, an isolated dictator who possesses nuclear weapons now has important military secrets he can use against his neighbor and allies. I think we can all agree that is much, much worse than any corporate hack.

    So what can we learn from the South Korea hack that we can use to protect our companies in an era of constant risks and threats?

    1. State actors are rising in importance, and North Korea is moving to the head of the class.

    Nation-states are the new most-feared actor in cyberwarfare because they are prepared to play the long game: investing millions if not billions in staff, strategies, and tools. North Korea has been linked to low-skills hacking attempts at the Fed and globally with ransomware, but its hackers are obviously increasing in sophistication. Gaining access to a defense database takes more than moxie: It takes top-notch tech skills.

    1. Companies and countries need to stop thinking “if” and start thinking “when.”

    Leading companies are getting attacked right and left as cyber hackers use their education, skills, and systems against them, and trade secrets on the dark web. Companies and countries need to plan for the inevitable and make sure their data is secured file by file – not just at the network level.

    1. FinalCode helps leading brands protect their files – even when networks and systems are hacked.

    What if you could control access to each and every file your company produces and monitor who uses what, when, how, and for how long?

    That technology already exists – It’s called FinalCode.

    FinalCode provides persistent file security that travels with files, whether they are stored in company networks, downloaded from Box file sharing, or distributed with colleagues and partners via email.

    FinalCode enables IT managers to set access rights, controlling who can see, copy, print, or make screenshots of file data. They can grant the minimum access rights users need – and also set time durations. Once access privileges have expired, there is no way to see file data.

    IT and risk managers can use audit trails to monitor file access for signs of irregular activity. If the worst occurs and data is taken from networks, as with the Equifax, Yahoo, and South Korea hacks, FinalCode-secured files can’t be accessed. They’re protected by 256-bit encryption and security policies, must be viewed using FinalCode software, and can be remotely deleted.

    Imagine if the South Korea military had protected their files using FinalCode. Its IT team would have detected the hack in progress and remotely deleted files as they were being spirited out of military networks. This is one war game that would have been better if it never started.

    Get FinalCode and have the final word on file security – not your adversaries.

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