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  • FinalCode Provides More Granular Control Over Data

    IT Business EdgeMike Vizard|Jan 19, 2016

    “With the rise of mobile and cloud computing, keeping track of who is using which files, when and where, has become a compliance nightmare for most IT organizations… IT organizations have not implemented file access and control systems because they have been challenging to install. FinalCode 5 addresses that issue by focusing on making FinalCode both simple to deploy and use.”

  • FinalCode 5 Takes Aim At File Encryption Challenge

    eSecurity PlanetSean Michael Kerner|Jan 19, 2016

    “FinalCode provides additional control and management capabilities in addition to data encryption.?With FinalCode 5.0 the company is now pushing its capabilities further and improving the overall user experience… our real objective was can someone use our product and barely open up a manual.”

  • The Compliance Oriented Architecture ? Are We There Yet?

    ComputerWeeklyClive Longbottom|Jan 13, 2016

    “Silos have evolved to provide greater levels of security – but they are self-contained, with any such security being based primarily around encrypting files at the application or email level, or managing documents/files as long as they remain within the secure cloud repository or local secure ‘container’ (the encapsulation of a file in a proprietary manner to apply security on that file) on the host.”

  • FinalCode Challenges File Sync Vendors with v5

    CMSWireDavid Roe|Jan 12, 2016

    “File security start-up FinalCode just announced the release of FinalCode 5… its focus is entirely on security… It’s clear that in order to not be left vulnerable to data exposure and liability, businesses must invoke strong file security controls with impeding file sharing workflow in order to stem the tide of data leakage that continues to occur.”

  • New products of the week 1.11.2016

    Network WorldRyan Francis|Jan 11, 2016

    “FinalCode allows any business to persistently protect sensitive files wherever they go inside and outside of their organization.”

  • FinalCode looks to Mitigate BYOC Risks

    Credit Union TimesRoy Urrico|Jan 11, 2016

    “While the growth of bring your own collaboration will lead to greater and more pervasive workplace data leakage and privacy risks, financial institutions may be able to mitigate data extrusion through encryption, usage controls and content filtering.”

  • Cybersecurity Woes to Intensify in 2016

    Credit Union TimesRoy Urrico|Jan 6, 2016

    “In today’s environment of advanced and targeted threats, it is imperative to assume that data breaches will continue to happen into 2016 and beyond… therefore, companies should proactively take steps to protect sensitive documents inside and outside their organizations.”

  • Unstructured Data, Unending Security Concerns

    CIO Insight Karen Frenkel|Jan 4, 2016

    “The growth of cloud and mobile computing, ease of file sharing and collaboration methods, applications and devices all contribute to data leakage incidents, according to the report. Enterprise-grade file security firm FinalCode sponsored the survey, “State of File Collaboration Security,” which EMA conducted in September.”

  • FinalCode Steps Up Enterprise File Sharing Security Game With Latest Platform

    FierceITSecurityFred Donovan|Jan 1, 2016

    “Enterprises are increasingly falling victim to data leakage from file sharing tools…to help IT departments address this growing threat, FinalCode has released the latest version of its file security platform, version 5… collaboration tools, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Cloud. All of those things allow for enterprise users to make their own decisions about how they are going to collaborate. It’s evolving quickly, and you can’t get away from privacy and compliance liabilities.”

  • Cloudy File Security: The New Data Leakage Frontier

    CSO OnlineScott Gordon|Dec 21, 2015

    “Many first generation file security systems are encumbered by complex and restrictive information rights management capabilities ? limited to certain user, system and application types. In today’s digitally collaborative business, file security must accommodate a broader set of applications, collaboration mechanisms and constituents. One approach to consider is next generation file encryption and usage control platforms that separate file security from file storage, distribution and management”


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