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Product Release: FinalCode® Ver.5.4 Offers Clientless Viewing of Secure Files

Enable secure file sharing through the browser with new "browser view" functionality.

– Apr 27, 2018

FinalCode, Inc. has globally released FinalCode Ver. 5.4 for its persistent, file-centric information rights management (IRM) solution that protects files wherever they go, inside and outside of the organization. FinalCode 5.4 now provides the ability for a clientless “browser view”, allowing external users who receive secured files to view in the browser, eliminating the need to install the FinalCode client software[1].

With FinalCode’s “Browser view”, secured files are created in HTML format for external users who have been granted viewing permission.  This eliminates the need to install FinalCode client software to view secured files within a browser.

In “Browser view”, users receive a one-time password for authentication.  This improves the security of your files, removing the ability to “spoof” users when viewing a file.   Now organizations who maintain strict software policies can share files easily and securely.  


When using FinalCode 5.4, a user can create the secured file using “Browser view” with the same ease-of-use as the conventional FinalCode client including the ability to assign your chosen permissions[2] to the secured file, check the operation log and remotely change the permissions of the secured, shared files.

FinalCode 5.4 can be implemented as a SaaS or on-premise virtual appliance with packages designed to accommodate small businesses, government agencies and large global enterprises.  Contact us today to learn how to get FinalCode 5.4 as an additional line of defense to strengthen your security posture, improve operational efficiency and minimize the impact of data breaches for your confidential files.


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[1] You can view files with web browser which are supported by FinalCode on Windows, mac OS, iOS.

Please check our website for details.

[2] Specification of viewer, view period, number of times, allow/deny original file extraction, allow/deny copy & paste, screen watermark, allow/deny print/print watermark, assign tag/message.

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