FinalCode 5


Persistent Security That Is Seamless, Scalable
and Rapidly Deployable

Through its robust architecture, FinalCode provides comprehensive file security that works throughout the file lifecycle and within an enterprise’s existing file sharing infrastructure and applications. The platform not only employs strong encryption and entitlement functionality, but leverages FinalCode’s patented CryptoEase ™ technology. By separating file security functionality from internal and external file storage and exchange mechanisms, files protection remains active, traceable and persistent. Further, FinalCode makes file security easy to use and readily adoptable by employees, partners, customers and prospects.

The Magic of FinalCode

  1. 01File owner uses FinalCode Client to secure a file. File encryption key and security policies (not the actual file) are automatically sent to the FinalCode Server.
  2. 02Recipient must install FinalCode Client in order to view the file. When installation is complete, recipient email address and device details are registered on the FinalCode Server.
  3. 03File creator sends the secured file to the recipient using any communication channel (email, USB, cloud storage, etc.).
  4. 04When the recipient double-clicks on the secured file, FinalCode Client automatically checks with FinalCode Server to verify permissions before granting access to the file. All file usage (open, edit, print, etc.) is logged onto FinalCode Server and available to the file owner at any time.
  5. 05File permissions can be modified at any time. If the file owner deletes the file shared to others, FinalCode Server will verify the latest permissions to remotely delete files and their copies wherever they are.

Ensure File Security with FinalCode