FinalCode for CAD

Don’t Lose Your IP

Business demands collaboration and data protection. Your drawings, illustrations, designs, specifications, blueprints, prototypes, creative and models held in CAD (Computer Aided Design) files are highly valued. Whether in manufacturing, architecture, defense, construction, entertainment, life science, infrastructure, aerospace or law enforcement – how can you share CAD files with your engineering and production teams, contributors, contractors, supply chain, customers and prospects knowing that the sensitive content is safe against unauthorized access and usage?

FinalCode’s persistent file security platform protects your CAD information no matter how files are shared inside and outside of your organization. The platform lets organizations, engineers, and design staff easily set file access and usage permissions, track file activity, and dynamically adjust policy for recipients as needed. Should a file be forwarded by mistake, copied or shared without authorization, or if the third party no longer should have access to the file, the file owner can change the policy and even delete the file remotely, ensuring any confidential or restricted information remains secure.

  • ● Supports 2-D, 3-D and business specific modeling platforms from AutoDesk AutoCAD, DWG TrueView and Dassault Solidworks.
  • ● Set up external users quickly and easily to allow for practically immediate secure collaboration.
  • ● Reduce the risk of data theft with strong 256-bit AES file encryption, comprehensive file-based IRM controls and rich activity logging.
  • ● Restrict access and usage by recipient, time and other attributes for files shared with customers, prospects, partners, contractors and supply chain.
  • ● Delete files on demand, by policy or automatically if shared with an authorized user.
  • ● Securely share, review, edit, print, and forward business critical and privacy-sensitive CAD and files across public or private networks, collaboration platforms and popular devices.
  • ● Free use for recipients external to the organization.
  • ● Low total cost of ownership as the solution can be selectively implemented by department, division, project or application – with free use for recipients external to the organization.

With FinalCode, you can share your sensitive 2-D and 3-D Computer Aided Design files with greater confidence and without hindering the collaborative process.

Ensure File Security with FinalCode