File sharing is a normal part of your organization’s business. Files move quickly and extensively across devices, storage, communication channels, cloud-based applications and recipients inside and outside of your environment. This dynamic collaboration results in sensitive files that are often unprotected and vulnerable to data leakage and inappropriate use. EMA research survey cited that 83% of mid-tier and large enterprises experienced a file data leakage incident and 50% experienced frequent incidents.

As system breaches and data privacy exposures continue to rise, unauthorized access to your organization’s files containing restricted, regulated and confidential data can impact your bottom line, introduce significant liability and compromise your business reputation. The challenge is how to enable file security as needed, leveraging current infrastructure and workflows and allowing for swift adoption by internal and even external users.

FinalCode offers a proven, interoperable file security platform that addresses these challenges in an easy, scalable and persistent way. Our file-based Information Rights Management (IRM) solution allows your organization or select departments and users to easily apply file encryption and usage control when a file is to be shared. And by separating file security from file storage, transport and content management, files stays protected wherever they go. With end-to-end IRM control, only authorized users can access the file based on permissions set ad hoc or according to corporate policy. Organizations not only gain full visibility but also can revoke access or change usage controls even after the file leaves your environment. Best yet, access is denied and files are automatically deleted should they end up in the wrong hands. All file security activity is stored for compliance and investigation purposes.

FinalCode works with your existing content management investments because it integrates with your current infrastructure. It’s application, infrastructure and device agnostic so your working environment, and those of your external users, is supported – making FinalCode more cost-effective than typical IRM solutions. Deploy it for specific applications within a department, office or even the entire organization. This controlled, persistent file protection can fortify your data loss prevention capabilities for files shared inside and outside of your organization; enabling you to safeguard sensitive information, better adhere to confidentiality obligations and support data protection compliance standards.


Ensure File Security with FinalCode