Energy, Utilities

Energy, Utilities

Secure File Sharing for Critical Infrastructure

Energy and utilities companies are increasingly complex and have to manage a broad range of files containing regulated data. Compliance with EHS OSHA, EPA, NRC FERC and NERC information security standards and adherence to security best practices to prevent data privacy breaches and operational intelligence leaks makes file security a top priority. At the same time, field staff and contractors need to access files containing performance analytics, audits, videos and processes in their day-to-day operations. How can these institutions ensure that sensitive files access and usage remain secure inside and outside their firewall.


FinalCode Solution

FinalCode allows organizations to secure files destined to be shared within and outside their organization. Not only can the institution or file creator can set permissions and usage control for each file and recipient, the security remains persistent with the ability to trace, change controls and even remotely delete files after they have been distributed. An infrastructure, application and device agnostic platform, FinalCode integrates seamlessly with your architecture so there’s no interruption to existing content management workflows or other processes. Its flexibility allows users to implement it as needed – across an entire organization, for a handful of users or specific applications – so that it scales as the company needs grows. And it easily supports collaboration outside your organization.

  • Protect geological surveys, designs, maps, pricing and planning information from unauthorized disclosure.
  • Enhance file-based IRM controls to cloud file storage and sharing tools with a real-time, centralized file security platform.
  • Extend information protection to files exchanged among staff, subcontractors, consultants, vendors, partners and suppliers.
  • Improve compliance to data protection guidelines and government regulations with granular policy, dynamic control and extensive auditing capabilities.

As an innovator in file-based Information Rights Management (IRM), FinalCode offers energy and utilities providers the most flexible means to secure on premise and cloud-based file content management.


Ensure File Security with FinalCode