Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharma

Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharma

Optimize Patient Care While Securing Sensitive Files

Technology is quickly changing the way patient, medical and clinical data is accessed in order to be responsive to patient needs. But without proper measures, files containing electronic protected healthcare information (ePHI), financial and insurance details, trial data and intellectual property can be compromised leaving the privacy of patients, diagnoses and findings exposed. When shared internally or externally, such as in the case of external payment and insurance processing, clinical research, manufacturing and supply chain processes, procurement receipts and other confidential data are subject to leaks and sharing violations. In an industry pressured by compliance to HIPAA and HITECH government standards, healthcare and life science professionals must implement strict file security that fosters patient trust.


FinalCode Solution

FinalCode provides persistent file security to healthcare and medical institutions that lasts the entire file’s lifecycle to ensure comprehensive protection from unauthorized use. Because only the organization and file owner can set rules and permissions, they control who can access and share the file wherever it goes, inside or outside the organization. This persistent security allows them to track the file and even delete it remotely when file access has expired, or in the event that it’s forwarded to an unauthorized user. As an application, infrastructure and device agnostic platform, FinalCode lets users access and share files from anywhere – the lab, the office or on-the-go – or across popular devices. Whether in an expansive healthcare institution, across a large hospital network, for use within a chain of labs or clinics, within a medical practice, or with patient claims and billing processing partners, files stay secure from the moment they leave your environment.

  • Improve patient and resident trust with robust data security.
  • Keep sensitive data protected across multiple users and devices.
  • Collaborate quickly between hospitals, campuses and labs while meeting strict compliance standards.
  • Strong file security that Preserve supplier, legal, marketing, R&D, IRBs workflow files are secure.
  • Integrate persistent file security seamlessly into existing clinical workflows and processes.
  • Support HITECH by assuring file access security and the privacy of healthcare and financial records internally and amongst third-party patient processing providers.
  • Expand your file security coverage to include clinicians, researchers and other personnel outside your organization.
  • Protect sensitive HR files and keep employee, temporary workers and third-party caregiver information secure.
  • Support FDA, HIPAA, HITECH, JCAHO, ARRA, and other regulations and industry standards to protect electronic protected healthcare information (EPHI) and data privacy.

With FinalCode your IT department can gain control over who can share and work with you and your patients’ most sensitive files. Deploy it quickly and easily within select departments, according to business requirements or across your entire organization; supporting your existing environment and scaling to suit your internal or external file collaboration security needs. No other Information Rights Management (IRM) platform offers this level of ease, flexibility. 


Ensure File Security with FinalCode