Human Resources, Accounting, Legal, Sales, Engineering

Human Resources, Accounting, Legal, Sales, Engineering

Business collaboration, whether it is inter-departmental or with third parties, is commonplace, as is the sharing of files that often contain sensitive and confidential data. Unfortunately, sharing sensitive files, whether amongst peers, between employees, or with clients, consultants, partners and vendors, if placed in the wrong hands can have devastating results from business loss and liability to non-compliance with data privacy and other government regulations.

In an EMA Research report, more than 50% of mid-tier and large enterprises has experienced frequent file data leakage incidents and over 80% of IT respondents lack confident in file security capabilities. Fortunately, 70% believe that end users would invoke stronger security controls if empowered. What is preventing a department, be it human resources, accounting, legal, sales or engineering, from reducing unauthorized access and inappropriate use of sensitive files.

The reasons that employees often don’t use file security tools are that the tools disrupt business and workflow, are too complicated or are to cumbersome to manage. For example, common Microsoft and Adobe applications offer password-based encryption, but users have to remember and share passcodes and recovering from lost keys requires IT forethought and intervention. Even using cloud-based file sharing and content management system can not prevent sensitive files from being taken out of the recipient’s local container.

More complex approaches require every recipient to use the same system, which often is circumvented to support collaborators outside the organization or doing work at home. One other reason for lack of file security is that the management overhead and cost for IT staff to implement and support the file security tool for a given set of users and departments is too challenging and costly.

FinalCode overcomes all the obstacles that hinder departmental adoption of strong file security controls. FinalCode allows your team to easily apply security controls to any file and even more granular permissions to popular applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and media files, as well as CAD files from Autodesk, SolidWorks and Lattice. Standard security policies can easily be set, or the system can allow for ad hoc use of policies. The desktop application is so intuitive that few end users will look at online help. They simply select a file to be shared, choose the recipient and select from a set of simple security option…All file activity can be tracked, policies can be dynamically changed, and files can even bee(be) remotely deleted even after they are shared. Sound (Sounds) simple – it is.

FinalCode manages files security, not file storage, distribution or content management. It works with the systems, applications and processes you have in place. The platform, which can be quickly installed as a hosted software or on premise software, automates the management of internal and external user on boarding, file security settings and activity auditing processes. As a result, your IT staff can leverage the infrastructure and resources already in place and can quickly provide the tool for your team’s immediate use.

With FinalCode, your workforce can remain productive; sharing sensitive files in confidence, both internally and externally, while ensuring that only authorized users can access and appropriately use the file.


Ensure File Security with FinalCode