IT Management, Operations

IT Management, Operations

You’ve been tasked with securing information assets, but your guard is down when it comes to file security. According to an EMA research report, 75% of mid-tier and large enterprises survey respondents expressed very high to high concern about file data leakage risks.  Maintaining network folder and content management access in a dynamic environment is challenging enough, but once an authorized user removes a sensitive file from the repository – perimeter controls are lost. As such, it is no surprise that 50% of EMA respondents experienced frequent file data leakage incidents.

This risk radically increases with the use of cloud-based file sharing and content management platforms when files are removed from the secure local container. In the same EMA survey, 90% were concerned about files leaving cloud-based platforms and device containers. Typical file security solutions usually require complex, company-wide deployments that are cost prohibitive and complex to manage – especially when it comes to securing files destined to be shared with users outside your organization.

Until now.  FinalCode allows you to immediately resolve file data leakage and data privacy compliance risks by offering an easy, flexible and cost-effective persistent file security platform.  FinalCode is infrastructure, application and device agnostic, allowing your team to implement it quickly. Since FinalCode manages file security and not file storage, transport or collaboration, it fits in with existing content management investments and won’t interfere with user workflows. It literally can be deployed in a matter of hours to support specific users, departments or business needs, or can easily support enterprise-wide implementations without impacting user experience. It’s a scalable platform that adapts to your company as needs evolve.

The FinalCode system abstracts and automates a wide variant of administrative tasks from encryption management and policy settings to allowing for self-provisioning of users within and outside the organization. Since file security is applied by the user or automatically applied by the system to network share folder, only nominal end user interaction is needed. Users simply apply security controls to files they want to share, designate authorized recipients, make on-the-fly policy changes, receive permission requests, and more in an intuitive GUI. Organizations and their file owners have end-to-end visibility over shared files and can change controls and delete files even after distribution. And file security activity and file usage is tracked and subsequently logged for a variety of analytic and forensic purposes.

FinalCode can be rapidly deployed, easily managed, and has demonstrably lower the total cost of ownership than conventional Information Rights Management (IRM) solutions.  Now you can empower your organization to readily protect files containing sensitive, regulated and confidential data in a cost-effective way that does not break your infrastructure investments or over burden your limited resources.


Ensure File Security with FinalCode