What is FinalCode?

Protects! Tracks! Deletes!
Password-free solution for file encryption and tracking

Only specified users are able to view files. Access log provides 100% tracking, and if necessary, sent files can be deleted.

  • Specify who can open files
  • Specify view time/period
  • Control printing and editing
  • Automatically delete in case of an unauthorized access
  • Password-free
  • Set printing watermark
  • Access log
  • Detect unauthorized access
  • Operation log
  • Erase files remotely
  • Change permissions remotely

FinalCode is a file encryption/tracking solution that allows you to encrypt important files, track their usage, and even delete them remotely.

Use FinalCode to prevent the leakage of important information, such as technical data, project proposals, design drawings, and customer information, when files are sent outside the company.

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