What is FinalCode?


Encryption functions
Function Description
Encryption/Decription Password-less encryption and specifying email address for viewer. And decryption without password.
Search and set an email addresss from Active Directory.
Encryption Template Template for frequnt user/s and permission combination. It helps encryption operation. (FinalCode Enterprise(On-premise edition) allows to define the template by AD/LDAP and group setting of email list)
View restriction Configure restrictions for viewing by how may times per day, until when the hour/minute, and limit of viewable days.
Remote deletion Once a viewer reached the limit of the secured file permissions, the file is removed from a PC remotely. It can be available after file distribution remotely.
Convert to original file Secured file can be converted to original file.
Overwriting Secured file can be editted and re-encrypted.
Copy/Paste/Capture control Copy/Paste/Screen Capture control for a secured file.
Screen watermark Forced screen watermarking in seured file displaying.
Printing control Control printing for a secured file.
Watermarking Forced watermarking in secured file printing.
Macro control Control Macro availability in a secured file.
Owner delegation Secured file can be re-encrypted with other any security settings.
Multi permission setting Encryption with multiple permission per file.
Automatic securing in Shared folder Once a file is copied to a folder, it will be secured by preset permission. Each auto secure folder has file owner, then administrator manages security policy per folder.
* Server module installation is required for each server.
** No limit for # of auto secure folder.
Automati securing in Local folder Once a file copied to a folder, it will be secured by preset permission.
* specifys a folder on each PC. Network folder securing is also available by specifying network folder setting.
** Up to 5 folders are configurable.
Secureing CAD file Encryption/Decription Securing a file for CAD software. Requires paid option.
* Whitelist application are here.
Offline viewing Even if the device is not connected to FinalCode server, secured file allows edit/view. Requies paid option.
API integration Document Management System(ECM: Enterprise Content Management) and other external system can connect to FinalCode Server via API.
File search and log tracking functions
Function Description
File Search Secured file can be searced by various parameters.
Access Log tracking Tracking accesss for Who/When.
Permission change log tracking Tracking permission changes for Who/When.
Monitoring user operations.
Access control after file disribution Permissions and viewers can be changed after file disribution.
CSV export for Access log Any access log is avalable in CSV file format.
Management Features
Function Description
Organization management Defining an organization. It allows to set a template and securing policy by a organization unit.
Organization hierarchy: Template and securing policy in upper unit can be delegated to lower unit.
User registration/unregistration FinalCode user management by new user registration/unregistration or temporal suspension.
User type management Restrictions for permissions per user type. Prevent user failure and illegal operation.
Management for other user file Control permission for a secured file created by other users.
Managing template Set a permission for group and restriction. Created template also can be set to each user.
Managing Watermarking Set a watermarkng patterns for a group. Created watermarking patterns can be set to each user.
Printing control Master administrator specifys an available printer. Virtual printer for PDF creation can also be controled.
Device Control Specify OS type and MAC address for FinalCode Client/Reader.
IP address control Specify IP address for viewing secured file via device.
Email template Cutomize email templates for various email notifications from FinalCode. One time password, invitation, status and permission request in En/Ja.
File view setting on remtoe desktop environment Configures permissions on remote desktop environment and virtual environment.
Update management Controls FinalCode Client version for users.
Remote Installation
(Batch Installation)
MSI format installation is available. Active Directory forced installation on user login is availabe. Installation initial settings is edittale by customer.
Common Event Format log setting Export a log in Common Event Format(CEF) format
* CEF: a standardized log format for integration with various log analytics software.

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