What is FinalCode?

How FinalCode works

FinalCode is a file security cloud service designed to manage files delivered outside a company.
It consists of FinalCode Client which encrypts/views files, and FinalCode Server which manages file permissions and other tasks.

Mechanism of FinalCode
  • Terminal authentication by exchanging a key between server and client.
  • The email address sent at receipt acknowledgment is used as a human recognizable ID.
  • The authentication process takes into account of hardware-specific information. If a key file is copied or HDD is unmounted, an authentication error results, preventing any attempts to open files.

* Available also in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Four technologies behind FinalCode

1. Use of encryption technology recommended for e-government.

FinalCode uses RSA2048 as a communication security means, as well as AES 256-bit format as an encryption algorithm. The advanced encryption technology enables safe transfer of files. In addition to file encryption, restrictions on user operations and access prevent information leakage.

2. Terminal authentication using a unique electronic certificate

To use FinalCode, FinalCode Client must be installed and a user registered on each terminal. When registering a user, a unique electronic certificate is generated in the user area of each terminal to authenticate the terminal.

3. Authentication for each file access

The security policy for encrypted files is managed by FinalCode Server. Whenever a file is used, FinalCode Client must access FinalCode Server to perform authentication, so that the latest security policy is applied.

4. Data stays encrypted

Files are saved in encrypted form, leaving no decrypted files on the PC (HDD or elsewhere).

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