Program Compatibility Assistant appears when installing FinalCode4.

The Program Compatibility Assistant is a feature of windows operating system which is provided by Microsoft and its OEM partners. This message appears even if the installation process of FinalCode is successful.

Please click on “This program installed correctly” to terminate Program Compatibility Assistant.

* Selecting “Reinstall using recommended settings” will reinstall FinalCode.

To turn off this message, please consult with Microsoft's support or its supporting website.

The error message “Could not establish a connection to the server” appears and user registration fails.

FinalCode ASP requires access to via HTTPS. This error message will appear upon failure:

No connection to the Internet
This is likely to be the case when a blank page appears when accessing from Web browsers. For example, Internet Explorer does not indicate any error message.
Your network requires web proxy to reach the Internet
In some network web proxy is mandatory to access the Internet.
If this is the case, contact your network administrator for detail instructions for setting up FinalCode Client.
For specifying your web proxy server, see “Networking settings” at “Option” menu of FinalCode Client and fill in address and port.
Server certificate revocation failure
There are cases where server certificate expiration procedure fails in some os component, and results in denial of accessing the server.
Please deselect “Check for server certificate revocation” located in “Advanced” section of “Internet Options”

I would like to change my registered email address for FinalCode.

For User except Master administrator
Users can modify their email address by themselves.
  1. From the FinalCode shortcut, open the controls screen.
  2. Click on “Options” menu.
  3. Clicking on “Change email address” and it guides you how.
For Master administrator
Modification procedures are available on the manual.

The error “Could not establish connection with server” occurs.

Connection to FinalCode server has failed.

Please consult with your network administrator. The proxy setting may be required in some network environment.

Some errors occurred while Adobe Acrobat X Pro is used.

At times, [Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library] error dialog appears on opening FinalCode encrypted PDF files.

There are updates for Acrobat X and Adobe Reader X. Please update to version 10.0.12 or higher.

Encryption/Decryption process is slow.

FinalCode verifies its encryption settings through network.
Depending on your network environment, the connection to FinalCode server may take longer time. In such a case the verification process may start in delay.

Please verify your network settings of FinalCode Client/Viewer as follows:

  1. Start FinalCode.
  2. Click “Options” located on the bottom left corner of screen.
  3. Click “Network Settings”.
  4. Check the internet connection settings in use.
    If no proxy server is being used
    Please select “No proxy server”.
    If proxy server is being used
    Please select “Manually specify proxy server”.
    Please input proxy server address.
    *Please contact your network administrator for proxy server settings.
  5. Click "Update" to make the modification to the software.
    *Should the alteration of network settings not improve the speed, The PC's processing speed may be the root cause.

How can I send files to other party?

FinalCode allows you to send files with any method.
You can send encrypted files via not only email but also via USB flash memory, CD-ROM or any other media.

Upon selecting a recipient of non-FinalCode user, you have an option to send an invitation email.

The message "You don't have read file permission" appears. How can I modify the permission?

Permission settings can be modified by the licensed administrator.
If you are an user of FinalCode Viewer and have read only permissions, Please contact the file owner to confirm your credentials.

If you are the owner (who encrypted the file), you can change the permissions from the FinalCode Management Console.

Cases where the files have already been sent
Please see the manual [Searching for a File] section.
Cases where the file is yet to be sent
Please see the manual [User Management] section.

An error message saying “Please end Adobe Reader” sometimes appears when opening PDF.

When you attempt to open PDF file encrypted by FinalCode, viewing PDF on web browser at the same time, below message will appears.

“Please end Adobe Reader”

Please kindly close the tab of web browser opening PDF, and re-open PDF file encrypted by FinalCode.

When changing the version of FinalCode from FinalCode Viewer(for free) to the paid version, I fail to encrypt any file.

When you already registered your device with FinalCode Viewer, upgrading to the paid version will require renewing of the certificate and authentication for the device.

Please re-register your email address following the steps as below before using.

  1. Start FinalCode.
  2. Click “Options”.
  3. Click “Change email address”.
  4. Input email address you will use for FinalCode.
    *In this case, enter the same email address as already registered for this particular device.
  5. Follow the indication on screen after you receive one-time password in the email address input on step 4.

Can I set encryption settings for each directory?

You can set encryption settings for each directory when using ‘Auto encryption’ in FinalCode.

For the detail, please refer to “Auto Encryption Function” in user manual.

Auto encryption is available for paid/trial version.
You cannot use this function on free version, FinalCode Viewer.

The invitation email of FinalCode are sent to mailing list for many times.

It happens because your mailing list is included in email addresses of recipient when encrypting file by FinalCode.

Registering individual email address can prevent receiving the invitation email at the mailing list.

Please contact administrator holding the license (tends to be the owner of the file), and modify the registration of email address representing mailing list.

*Even though you register email address of mailing list, it is not possible to open FinalCode file by personal email address included in mailing list.

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