What is FinalCode file? (extension: fcl)

FinalCode is a file encryption/tracking solution that enables users to encrypt important files, track their usage, and even delete them remotely. FCL file is a file type that FinalCode generates when encrypting a file.

How to open an fcl file

“FinalCode Client” is available for anyone to download/install free of charge. While “FinalCode Client” is available for anyone, designated users can only open and view fcl files. Also, please note that for complete IRM control, FinalCode files can only be opened by verified applications. See here for a list of compatible applications.

How to create fcl file (encrypt a file with FinalCode)

An user needs to purchase FinalCode license first. Then, by downloading/installing “FinalCode Client” to the user's local Windows machine, the user can create fcl files.

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