The magic of FinalCode.

The world’s first technology that can make files disappear AFTER they are sent.

  • Everyday we create and share data that are modified and then sent to others.
  • Files are exchanged continuously beyond corporate and national borders,
    especially in the modern era of international specialization.
  • How can we ensure that files are handled safely in this global age?
  • FinalCode’s goal is to persistently secure files in your day-to-day business and protect them anywhere they go,
    within or beyond the corporate borders.
  • With the added reassurance that FinalCode can make files disappear AFTER they are sent.
  • FinalCode. The ultimate file security solution with advanced and patented technology.
    FinalCode secures your files. All files.*
  • * Based on FinalCode IRM file coverage. For latest information, go to

Ensure File Security with FinalCode