File Sharing Risks

File Security for the
“Bring Your Own Collaboration” Era

Companies face the monumental challenge of establishing strong and persistent file protection to ensure sensitive corporate information remains protected. Even with massive investments in network security and data leakage prevention systems, leading companies lose sensitive files regularly. Unfortunately, Data leakage, reputation, compliance and liability risks are amplified due to Shadow IT and employee / contractor turnover, mobile devices, unsanctioned applications, personal e-mail, cloud storage and unsanctioned file sharing services that are outside an IT organization’s oversight. FinalCode delivers the ultimate file security solution that provides organizations with an easy, comprehensive and persistent means to protect sensitive files (such as banking information, financial transactions, proposals, engineering diagrams, government secrets) within and outside the corporate network – even after the files are further shared and exposed. FinalCode not only helps to thwart hackers and insider threats, but also protects information in the event files are exposed by inadvertent emails, lost portable storage devices or undocumented transfers.

Your employees need to share business-sensitive and confidential files internally and with others outside the organization. How can you eliminate data leakage exposures to unintended audiences?

FinalCode’s strong file encryption and comprehensive usage control (e.g. view, duration, edit, save, watermark and print) is set locally and prior to sending a file within or outside a corporate perimeter. This allows file security to be enforced after the file leaves the file owner’s hands and according to corporate policy. This protection persists with authorized and unauthorized recipients, enabling business while closing data leakage gaps.

Make existing content management systems, cloud storage and collaboration platforms more secure.

FinalCode provides the final, last line of sensitive file defense. Conventional enterprise IRM and content management systems are presumed to offer strong file security and tracking since they are “behind the firewall.” External cloud-based file storage and collaboration services are also presumed to offer strong file security and tracking since the files are managed within cloud and application containers. What happens once a file leaves the protected confines of managed corporate assets, such as being placed on a portable storage, shared via peer-based applications, or even sent in email? What happens when the file is copied, edited and renamed after it leaves the protected cloud and application container? And what if the file falls into the wrong hands?

Since FinalCode allows users and administrators to apply strong file protection and entitlement rights to files locally and then externally to enforce the security policy, the protection remains with the file no matter what the internal file sharing platform or external file storage and collaboration solution.

Empower employees to protect sensitive and confidential information in order to reduce compliance, reputation, liability risks.

Most employees understand and want to protect sensitive information. The key is to make file security easy, intuitive and aligned to corporate policy – and FinalCode does just that. The FinalCode platform makes it easy for file owners to readily encrypt and specify file access and usage permissions directly or according to pre-set corporate policy. It provides strong protection without requiring the user to remember multiple passwords or for the IT organization to be burdened with managing a multitude of keys.

FinalCode’s patented approach preserves user work flows, file storage and collaboration platform investments while protecting files across all communication channels: trusted, untrusted, private or public.

Ensure File Security with FinalCode