FinalCode 5

File Security for the Bring Your Own Collaboration Era

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Even easier to use,
faster to deploy and
simpler to manage

Scalable as needed by department,
Business case or enterprise-wide

Greater interoperability
with no charge for
external users


New FinalCode for Box

Persistently Secure Sensitive Files Shared with Box

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Instantly Change Policy
or Remotely Delete Files

Easily Apply Security
Right within Box GUI

Visibility and Control of Files
Leaving Box Container


File Insecurity: The Final Data Leakage Frontier

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of IT organizations
experienced file data
leakage incidents

have moderate to no
confidence in their file
security controls and
auditing capacity

fear data leakage of files
leaving cloud-based
platforms and device


Readily Share Sensitive Files with Confidence

Inside and Outside Your Organization



Works with existing file sharing – network, Email, Box, Dropbox, FTP, USB…



Extensive and granular file entitlement with activity auditing throughout file lifecycle.



Persistent protection: strong encryption with remote file deletion and unlock capability.

Comprehensive File Protection, Tracking and Remote Deletion

Someone sent a confidential file outside the company.

Now what?

With FinalCode, file owners can easily encrypt files and designate who, what, when, how—and more with regard to file access and usage—directly or according to corporate policy. Track usage, change permissions, and even remotely delete* files that have been sent.

* Yes, you read that right. Not disable but actually overwrite the file on the system

Extensive Feature Set

Designate who can open files Specify access count and duration Comprehensive file control
Remote delete any file, anywhere Change permissions dynamically Add watermark
Corporate policy enforcement 256-bit AES encryption Full lifecycle auditing
Standards-based key/password management Available as SaaS Available as on premise VM

…and many more!