Accounting, Recruiting, IT, Creative and Management Services

Accounting, Recruiting, IT, Creative and Management Services

Protect Your Businesses and That of Your Clients

Professional service providers work in a highly connected world where sharing files and collaborating online is the norm. Consultants, recruiters, accountants, media, creative, IT and other service providers routinely access and share sensitive information to meet client needs. But without proper file protection and auditing controls, business agreements, legal and financial documents, rate sheets, analytics, human resources, audits, employee information, personal identifiable information (PII), healthcare, tax and other critical files are open to unauthorized access and misuse – putting sensitive and confidential information and the business relationship at risk.


FinalCode Solution

FinalCode helps Professional Service providers protect company, client and third-party information at all times. As a persistent file security tool, it controls and monitors file access and usage activity from the moment a sensitive document is to be shared. Authorized recipients, within and outside the organization, can access and use files containing sensitive, regulated or confidential information they way they are accustomed to, but with comprehensive Information Rights Management (IRM) controls intact. Professionals across various industries use FinalCode to prevent data leaks and help instill the confidence to conduct business with customers, candidates, contractors and partners. Our platform uses 256-bit AES file encryption to secure sensitive files shared between all entities and ensure only authorized users can access file, use them according to policy and maintain an audit log of the file and user activity. As a file storage, distribution and collaboration management agnostic solution, FinalCode is compatible with infrastructures, applications and workflows so security follows a file wherever it goes. Accountants can store and collaborate on financial data in security; auditors and IT consultants can access, report and sign off on projects in confidence; HR consultants can secure employee and candidate on-boarding, tax and health insurance files.

  • Enhance information security with robust persistent file encryption and usage control.
  • Securely share, review, edit, print, and forward business critical and privacy-sensitive files across public or private networks, collaboration platforms and popular devices.
  • Secure client information to reduce liabilities associated with confidential data leakage.
  • Protect use of files and respective collaboration with your organization and among clients.
  • Track and audit file access and usage, as well as unauthorized access attempts across customers and partners.
  • Protect your firm’s reputation with solid file encryption, persistent usage control and extensive audit log of file activity.

Powerful, flexible and scalable. FinalCode is the last line of defense against file data leaks. Apply it to your whole organization, departments, client project or to select recipients to protect sensitive information; No matter how a file is shared – yours, your partners’ or your clients’ – FinalCode fully adapts to your business requirements allowing your organization to quickly secure sensitive client information and trust.


Ensure File Security with FinalCode