Manufacturing, High Tech

Manufacturing, High Tech

Peace of Mind Over Your Shared Intellectual Property

Manufacturers face broad information security challenges. Securing files containing intellectual property, trade secrets and performance information is vital to your business. But in an increasingly collaborative environment, corporate assets such CAD designs, blueprints, plans, defect rates, formulas and other restricted documents shared internally between division and departments, employees and contractors and externally with business partners, prospects and supply chains need to be protected at all times. Add a workforce that’s increasingly splitting their time between working from home, at the office, or in the field to the workplace scenario and the probability of files being vulnerable to malware, access, theft, corporate espionage or unsanctioned sharing increases. How can you ensure that only authorized persons, inside and outside your organization, have appropriate access and use of shared sensitive files.


FinalCode Solution

FinalCode makes enterprise file security easy. Our platform allows the file owner to implement granular file protection and permission settings – without the need to remember passwords – to fully secure any document to be shared. This means your contracts, bids, plans, designs, CAD files and other highly sensitive information can be securely shared, edited or forwarded to authorized users in complete confidence.

Strong file encryption with 256-bit AES ensure files stay protected wherever they go, across storage, devices and communication channels.

  • Securely share documentation such as designs, blueprints, technical manuals, price lists, manufacturing instructions, chemical formulas and supply chain processes.
  • Centrally manage file security to ensure compliance with internal and external data protection requirements.
  • Protect intellectual property, business plans, designs and trade secrets from unauthorized access and use.
  • Protect CAD files from modifications, theft and sharing violations.
  • Facilitate data protection compliance of sensitive files with robust file access and usage policies that remain active with the file.
  • Maintain control over highly confidential information to be shared with partners, subsidiaries and third-parties and vendors.
  • Revoke access to files at any time and delete them remotely.
  • Prevent misuse of pricing, bidding, and tendering information.

From engineering standards and processes, defect types and repair rates, to customer information, plans and formulas, FinalCode helps manufacturers secure their most vital files. No matter the size of your enterprise, you can quickly deploy a robust enterprise file sharing platform that’s flexible enough to work in your existing infrastructure and can apply as needed for rapid deployment and accelerated time-to-value.


Ensure File Security with FinalCode