Engineering, Construction

Engineering, Construction

Secure File Sharing that Keeps Projects on Track and on Budget

In the engineering and construction sector, time is money. Project collaboration are crucial to meeting your clients’ needs and hard deadlines. Multiple managers, partners, contractors and subcontractors require access and use your CAD designs, build plans, schematics, blueprints and project manuals. And with an increasingly mobile workforce needing off-site file access, unprotected files shared across users, devices and collaboration services can compromise your company’s and client’s project.


FinalCode Solution

FinalCode provides access and usage controls to files destined to be shared internally and externally. This reliable file security enables you to define who and how sensitive files can be used by your clients, partners and teams. Our platform simplifies file encryption and permission management processes because it does require sharing passwords, managing certificate infrastructure or requiring complex trust models with those outside your organization. File owners have an intuitive interface to define security setting or use existing templates. Once secured, the protected files can be flexibly stored and sent using your current infrastructure and preserving existing workflows. Delivered as a SaaS or on premise solution, FinalCode can be rapidly deployed and scaled for as needed; by project, department or enterprise-wide.  Apply it to specific internal and external users to gain immediate persistent file protection; deploy a a greater scale later as your collaboration security requirements grows.

  • Improve file collaboration and project safeguards by providing secure file access.
  • Ensure comprehensive file security across multiple devices, communication channels and collaboration applications.
  • Preserve workflows and respect budgets and timelines with quick but secure access to files.
  • Retain access and usage control of blueprints, CAD files, or designs on a file or project basis.
  • Securely monitor and audit file activity from any location.
  • Provide anytime, anywhere secure file access for on-site and off-site employees, contractors, architects, engineers, partners, vendors and other third-party collaborators.

An innovator in file-based information rights management (IRM), FinalCode’s platform is easy, interoperable and scalable to provide fast and reliable file security that complements existing file storage, enterprise content manager systems and cloud-based file collaboration. There’s simply no better way to keep your projects secure.


Ensure File Security with FinalCode