Media, Advertising

Media, Advertising

Content Collaboration that Maintains Creativity and Confidentiality

In a creative environment, collaboration and ingenuity is everything. Especially in the media industry that relies heavily on file sharing across multiple teams, clients and vendors. At the same time, client-sensitive information, such as media buys, program performance, announcements, endorsements and the sanctity of celebrity privacy are paramount. Given the nature of typically unfettered teamwork, media and advertising firms thrive on ongoing creative and content collaboration and as such, are particularly vulnerable to hackers and intellectual property thieves. As staff increasingly works together and remotely with clients and celebrity figures, these organizations must ensure their file access and usage is protected from theft and unauthorized disclosure.


FinalCode Solution

FinalCode secures content collaboration while maintaining workflows and productivity. As an infrastructure, application and device agnostic platform, it allows users to access and share files seamlessly across networks and devices. Authorized users can view, edit, print or share files based on pre-determined permissions set by the creator of the file. Because FinalCode applies persistent file security, files are protected the moment they’re shared and for their entire lifecycle. Integration is simple and doesn’t interfere with your daily businesses activities. Because FinalCode is compatible with most infrastructures, setup and deployment can take as little as a few hours for departments to days for global operations leveraging our flexible architectures.

  • Manage intellectual property and access to your business-critical files.
  • Protect your videos, images, storyboards, movie reels, scripts, designs and budgets and deny access to unwanted users.
  • Provide faster collaboration between staff, clients and vendors for your next campaign, media buy or product launch.
  • Exchange files in complete security across users inside and outside your organization.
  • Protect your clients, celebrity figures and your brand with strong file encryption and remote file deletion.
  • Control access to files with remote restrictions: revoke access from recipient devices or delete files when an employee leaves for a competitor.
  • Provide full visibility to time-sensitive files without versioning or bandwidth issues.
  • Keep clients’ trust and protect your reputation with highly secured file encryption and security.

Stay organized in a fast-paced environment. Protect your entire creative process. Let FinalCode implement seamless and secure content collaboration that can empower your firm to deliver its best work.


Ensure File Security with FinalCode