Federal, State and Local Government

Federal, State and Local Government

Secure and Traceable File Sharing for Public Welfare

Federal, state and local governments are now under pressure to be more efficient and to collaborate more than ever. From civilian, defense and intelligence agencies to state and local agencies, government institutions strive to provide cost-effective and efficient public services. This often means sharing sensitive information between agencies and law enforcement authorities quickly and securely – all while complying with standards and guidelines set forth by the NIST.

State and local agencies often need to protect bids, projects and other sensitive information they’ll collaborate on. But to deliver their essential services to constituents, critical files must be shared securely with suppliers and subcontractors and remain protected even after they’ve reached their destination.

In a world where these agencies face daily attacks and experience data breaches, how can local, state and Federal government organizations and their contractors protect and share sensitive files quickly and reliably without compromising missions, intelligence and privacy?


FinalCode Solution

FinalCode protects files containing classified, restricted and confidential information by providing secure access and usage control that remains active no matter where the file is stored and delivered. Our patented CryptoEase™ technology simplifies third-party provisioning file sharing while ensuring secure file collaboration. Because file recipients and permissions can be set according to policy when a file is created and can be modified even after it has been shared, protection is maintained through the entire lifecycle. Only appropriate users can access, edit, copy, screen capture, print or share files based on agency security requirements.

No matter the size of the operation, diversity of recipients, or how files are distributed, FinalCode allows you to control and track files, no matter where they may go. As an innovator in file-based Information Rights Management (IRM), our platform offers enterprise-class security and performance required by federal, state and local agencies and their contractors. From transferring files internally to sharing multiple files across private and public networks, even on USB drives, FinalCode offers persistent security and comprehensive auditing across the file lifecycle.

  • Increase productivity with secure file sharing and collaboration with contractors and suppliers. that enforces policy in the applications they are accustomed to.
  • Align information sharing compliance between teams, agencies and departments according to policy and need-to-know.
  • Collaborate seamlessly between departments, outside agencies, private sector or international partners through expedited provisioning and dynamic controls.
  • Get enterprise-class file security functionalities covering access, usage and audit; designate who can access and for how long.
  • Stay in control: set and change file security parameters even after files are distributed. Delete files automatically based on duration, user, use and authorized access attempt.
  • Reduce the available attack surface of files from hackers and malware.
  • Prevent data leaks and sharing violations across users, networks and devices.

Collaborate seamlessly but securely on planning, inspections, public project bids, missions and initiatives, policy sharing, public safety, finance and taxation, welfare benefits, HHS and case management files. FinalCode allows your agency to leverage your existing storage, distribution, collaboration and end user applications, and with the option of an on premise virtual appliance or SaaS implementation, IT departments can readily implement FinalCode for internal and external use.


Ensure File Security with FinalCode